Japanese Samurai Sword Koshirae – Tsuba Alloy 003

Japanese Samurai Sword Koshirae – Tsuba Alloy 003
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Japanese Samurai Sword Koshirae – Tsuba Alloy 003


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Japanese samurai sword Tsuba New alloy

  • Black, banana leaf pattern

  • About 0.45 pounds, 204 grams

  • Length / width: 78/76cm, 28.7/27.5in

  • Internal length / width: 27 / 8cm, 10.6 / 3.14in

We are LongQuan BoYu Sword Co., Ltd., one of the world famous LongQuan knife manufacturers in China, selling all products on eBay are our company’s new products, we are selling handmade Chinese knives, Japanese knives and Other crafts. We will do our best to provide you with quality service and the best price! Competitive price We are not distributors, we are manufacturers of swords, all our swords come from our factory and we are selling the prices of manufacturers. 100% hand-woven We have a lot of sword blacksmith factory, technology is superb. We guarantee that our sword is hand forged, hand polished and hand polished, of very good quality. Japanese Chinese and Chinese general election We have a large number of Japanese Swords and Chinese Swords available online, most of which are in stock and ready to ship. For the Japanese sword, we have almost all Japanese swords, such as swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, Sakata sword, etc .; for Chinese swords, we have Chinese knives “knives” and “swords”. Here you can find what you want! Easily customize your SWORDS Item type: Tsuba Condition: A brand-new, unused, undamaged item Material: alloy Application: Used for Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto A tsuba is the hand guard mounted on a Japanese sword. It serves not only as a hand protector but also displays the taste of its owner. Tsuba are made from a wide variety of materials including iron, copper, gold, and so on. However, the style of work varies with time, region and imagination of the maker. This Tsuba is made of alloy Free shipping from China to the world arrived about 15-30 days


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