Jnh Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Reviews – Pros and Cons

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Jnh Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Reviews – Pros and Cons

The Jnh Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna is one of the best brands in the market today. I bought it to use in my own home as well. It is quite easy to assemble, as compared to some of the other brands out there. All I had to do was read the instructions carefully and I knew it was all made and ready to go. The sauna comes with a dual-wall insulation that keeps the heat trapped inside instead of radiating it out.

When I first laid my eyes on the Sauna, I was surprised by how good it looked and how well it worked. It has two heating panels and a clear glass door for viewing your results. There is a built in humidifier which helps keep the humidity at levels you comfortable with. There is also a sound system which can be used to help you relax during your sauna experience. Most models have a remote control for added convenience.

For many people, they want to know how to build their own home sauna. This is quite easy, as the Jnh Lifestyles 2 person far-infrared heaters can be built with common materials like pvc pipes. They also come with instructions, making it an easy DIY project for almost any level builder. There are even hot air dryers included in some models for the convenience of cleaning up afterwards.

The biggest con of the Jnh Lifestyles 2 person far-infrared saunas is the price. These are definitely on the pricey side and can range from a couple hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars depending on the brand you choose. The price definitely makes them out of reach for the average Joe, but then again they also have pros that make them a compelling choice if price is a concern.

The Jnh Lifestyles 2 person infrared heaters have professional heat distribution with large vents so that you will always be able to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. These heaters also have foam insulation built in which adds to their durability and safety. There are a few cons to these heaters, however, most notable is their lack of flexibility in terms of sizing.

The Lifestyles also come standard in dual-wall insulation. However, this isn’t the best type of insulation to use for a sauna. This type of insulation has gaps in it, which allows air to pass through it. This means that while it does help to keep the sauna warmer in the summer, in the winter months you will still have to deal with cold air penetrating through the gaps in the insulation and warming your sauna. Some experts even caution against using these types of insulations, because of the possibility of air leaks which could cause serious fires.

While the Jnh Lifestyles infrared sauna is a nice alternative to the more common traditional steam saunas, it does fall short in some areas. For one, there’s no way to add water. Without water it can’t hold the steam, so you’re still working with hot, moist air. Also, the sauna does not have a heating element built in, so you are back to having to add your own wood-burning heater or some other type of supplementary heating source to make the sauna comfortable. On top of those two minor shortfalls, the entire sauna experience can be much more relaxing if you have your own space, and this is one reason why many home owners opt for an upstairs or patio sauna instead of a downstairs unit.

Overall, the Jnh Lifestyles infrared sauna reviews do give some good reasons to at least give the infrared sauna a shot if you live in an area that doesn’t get very hot during the winter months. The cons seem to be more for those home owners who prefer the traditional types of saunas. For those people, a two person far infrared sauna may not be enough, so they might consider purchasing a three person model which would offer them both the heat source and the additional heating element. The extra cost may be worth it, however, because those two persons could each take advantage of the sauna’s health benefits.

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