Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size, Strength Control, and temperature control, Programmable, Black
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Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size, Strength Control, and temperature control, Programmable, Black


  • to make sure this fits.

  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: 6 K-Cup pods and a water filter handle + 2 filters to help your beverages taste their best and 2.4 inch color touch display screen

  • Large 70oz water resevoir allows you to brew 8+ cups more before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine; The water reservoir is removable, making it easy to refill whenever you need to

  • K-Cup pod brew sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 oz.); Brews a Carafe (22, 26, or 30oz) using K-Carafe pods, to give you more coffee when you need it (Carafe sold separately)

  • Strength control setting; Allows you to brew a bolder cup using any K-Cup pod brew size; Plus, five temperature settings allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage at your desired temperature

  • Large color touch screen with a digital clock makes it easy to brew a fresh, great tasting cup in under a minute; Plus, program your brewer to turn on or off automatically at set times, so that it is ready to go when you want it, and turns off to conserve energy

  • Dispense hot water only by opening and closing the brewer handle (without a pod), and selecting your desired brew size; A removable drip tray at the base of the brewer catches drips and makes for easy clean-up


Keurig K475 Single Serve Programmable K- Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12 oz brew size and temperature control, Black

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December 27, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

Great coffee maker! Love the programmable brew settings. I personally like my coffee very strong and have always shied away from Keurigs due to the fact that the coffee tends to be on the weak side. However the new machines have a “strong brew” setting which really makes a difference.

It should also be noted if reading the other reviews that this machine does NOT have the K-Cup DRM (the restriction that prevents you from using the older cups). In response to the HUGE amount of consumer outrage, Keurig quietly removed the programming from the machines -denoted by model numbers ending in 25 or 75. The machines look and operate the same, however models ending in 00 or 50 will not let brew in older cups or ones not licensed by Keurig.

November 20, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

First off, verified purchase through Amazon from a self professed (and often accused) coffee snob. Second…while I know that people have differing experiences with the same product due to a host of valid reasons, posts claiming that not having a pod holder making this brewer “useless” and 1 staring it? Sorry, pet peeve about entitled personage hyperbole. My review is going to be blunt and perhaps a little stinging out of my annoyances about such idiotic reviews/comments cropping in, I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

Short version for the attention deficit: This gizmo brews a damn fine cup of coffee, you’ll have to experiment with settings with the Do-Your-Own refillable k-kups (especially if you grind your own beans) and buying just prepackaged k-kups if that’s your thing is brand reliable (meaning the taste is reliable on a brand by brand basis). The quality along with the convenience (even with DYO refillables) is IMO the best in the industry and it has a lot of customization features to exploit with just a tiny bit of effort and some light reading.

Full review:

The biggest complaint is about Keurig restricting what you can brew for coffee/tea. Yes, old K-Cup solutions are on the out. I had a old brewer and 3 different DYO coffee pods, ranging from nylon, to gold plated mesh, and even mini-filters. None of them work with this brewer. Note the 5 stars? I pitched those old DYO coffee pods and bought the 24K GOLD Keurig Accessories from MaxBrew. Problem solved and it pays for itself after you’ve gone through your first 5lbs of beans (which for me is 3-4 weeks). Also if you buy the small/large bundle from Maxbrew it comes with 3 filters which if you already use filtered water as I hope you would, these will last a very long time.

I owned a old deluxe when they came on market several years ago and after about 18 months it blew out on me and though I liked it, I often had issue with the strength of the brew and how expensive the kups were to make up for how relatively thin the coffee’s taste. When DYO kups came onto market the expense factor went away, but the brew strength was still a issue for me and the only way to solve that at the time was to pack more grinds or make them finer than what the brewer was designed to handle.

This new line solves that problem by using the “stronger brew” option. Now, this doesn’t take 3 tablespoons of grinds and blow the hair follicles off your skull with “OH-MAH-GAWD-STRONG-MAH-NIPPLES-IS-HARD!” coffee , some common sense here. What the brewer does is pump the water at a slower rate through the kup, letting the grinds saturate more along with a slower flood rate. That doesn’t sound like much of of a improvement but it does make a difference, guests who like a weaker brew than I do, using the same amount of grinds and amount of water, would state the ‘strong’ brew was noticeably stronger than what they prefer while the standard was just right.

I believe I blew out my older Keurig by overloading the system with both the amount of grind and how fine of one I was using in order to get a taste more to my liking. Also that system didn’t have the ability to adjust how much fluid was used, it was the same amount each time. This brewer lets me go from 4-30 oz. Did I mention custom settings? You lower the lid and depending on the type of kup you got loaded (either DYO or store bought) a menu pops up that lets you hot key settings for the carafe size, I.E. I typically load up mugs ranging from 12-16 oz, 3 different numbers that when the sensor detects the type of pod, I select the number and go off to take care of a quick chore while it brew like…file my teeth or something.

By experimenting with the amount of fluid, both for the carafe size and the regular cup size, I know what my taste range is, also grinding my own beans by using the strong brew settings, i can use a coarser grind which allows for better water flow through the DYO cup and doesn’t overtax the pump. These are very significant improvements from earlier models. Granted it doesn’t have a wireless sensor to hook up to your brain and decode what you like better than you know yourself and then deliver it, but what does?

For those interested: I have a breville grinder that goes from press to espresso, I typically use a setting that’s squarely in the middle of the “Drip” range. I took apart a few k-cups from my preferred brands and examined their grinds under a jewelers magnifying glass till I was satisfied I was matching the grind of the prepacked vendors, and experimented a great deal with finer and coarser grinds. This delivered the best profile of taste and performance for my preferences.

Now about the officially endorsed pods, yes its true that Keurig is trying to make extra buck here and there with this. But here’s what I’ve found. The brands that have the license are all available in my local grocery stores already, ranging from your disgusting cheap generics to the sublime Peets. I buy these for use at work because what they serve there is either paint thinner or yesterday’s dishwasher fluid. At home I use the Maxbrew pods to fantastic effect and can buy any bean I want, grind it up, and load it up without any issue what so ever. The things people get worked up over =P

I own a absurd variety of coffee brewers: Drip, high end espresso machine, aeropress, moka, pour over, siphon, press and even Ethiopian kettle. While I don’t roast my own beans (yet) i am fully willing to do the work needed via these different systems to make a great cup of coffee and I have over time (sorry if this sounds a bit vain on my part) earned praise from coworkers and friends of my command of making coffee. I favor black, without doctoring it any with creamers or sugars and here is the one line that I hope will put your mind at ease with this brewer:

This is my favorite system to brew coffee with.

I’ve tested it against ALL of those brewers, each brings a subtle quality that a experienced palate will be able to notice, but I have to stress the word subtle. Prior to this brewer, I greatly favored the french press for the body of flavor it gave me along with its ease of use. However, the K475 delivers a taste that is so close to my press that while I can tell the difference, its not enough to make me reach for the press anymore. This took some time and experimenting, getting the grind down, cup size, heat, all that. End result is quality beans used in this brewer yields quality coffee…even without a pod holder =P. Again I have to stress, you may have …yes I’m going to say it…read the manual…to get all the features it offers down to your tastes, that’s 10 minutes well spent.

How long will this unit hold out? That is a good question, it sees a lot of use from me and my review is after owning it for a month and putting it through its paces. Most appliances only last 2-5 years because they’re designed to fail to keep units selling to repeat customers, but honestly if I only get 2 years out of this i won’t mind. My impression is it’ll last longer, as its fairly sturdy despite being largely plastic.

Finally, if you found my review helpful, i’d appreciate a button vote, but if I crossed a line or if I didn’t address something you thought was key, fire a comment my way and I’ll both answer the comment and do a rewrite to include the info for other readers.

4-11-17 UPDATE:
After some very pleasant experiences with Keurig.com I would strongly recommend you register your brewer, you get a marvelous intro discount offer for your first 5 boxes of any size and if you’re willing to endure a bit of email promotion, they regularly hit your inbox with discounts of most brands making the option to stock up reasonably economical. I still prefer to grind my own beans, but I take advantage of their sales from time to time to have k-kups to take to work as the coffee there is now included as a vital ingredient in the pesticide. Or maybe I’m just really spoiled.

The brewer itself is still a joy to use and reminds you to descale it once a month on autopilot, but not because your heating chamber is gasping and clawing at you from a lime and mineral encrusted hell. Its just nudging you to do regular maintenance, though IMHO brewing a tank (or two if its been a while) of white vinegar, followed by 2 tanks of rinse brewing works just as well as the more expensive solutions on the market. I’d suggest you let the vinegar “simmer” in the heating tank between brews as that gives the vinegar’s acid more time to clean the heating coil and piping, I usually give it 5 minutes between each brew cycle. And unless you like coffee that’ll give you a twitch storm to put Kramer (from Seinfeld) to shame, run those two rinsing tanks. Trust me on this. Two tanks.

January 4, 2017

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

Ever since I bought my mother a similar 2.0 model over a year ago and been using it weekly, I’ve been waiting for my old one to die so that I could replace it with this. Although the old one is still going strong, we decided to find another place for it. I bought this one without hesitation.

To be clear, this model is not a must-have in the Keurig line since more basic models selling for less do the job — more on that later. I love certain aspects of this: a bigger water tank, the ability to choose four different cup sizes, a strong brew option, and an easy-to-read display. The settings are more or less easy to navigate, and I like that I can set a default cup size and brew strength since my husband and I like to push and brew. The electronic controls can do a lot more: change the brew temperature; select a special hot cocoa cycle; allow you to select the “wallpaper” or background color of your display; set the clock; change languages (English, French, Spanish); set to high altitutde brewing; remind you to change the water filter (if using); warn you that you need to descale. Most of this stuff isn’t necessary — it’s just nice to have.

This machine can also brew a carafe, although it doesn’t come with the carafe. You need to buy special large pods to do that.

Although this model is shaped differently from my previous Elite model, it takes up about the same amount of counter space. If counter space is at a premium, though, you might want to consider the single cup models even though they have serious disadvantages such as convenience. In my opinion, to get full usage out of any Keurig model, you need to have a water reservoir that will hold more than two cups and the ability to choose cup sizes up to 10-ounces. (10 ounces is our default, although this machine can brew a 12-ounce mug.) Since the pods all contain the same amount of grounds, each progressively larger cup produces a slightly weaker brew, although the “strong” setting on this machine does make a difference. Also, choose your K-cups with care since not all are created equal. Because I like bold coffee, it took me a while to discover that I liked the Peet’s, Starbucks, and Barista brands the best, with Green Mountain Double Diamond coming in close behind. This does come with a handful of sample K-cups but not really enough to get a good idea of what to buy if you’re new to Keurig.

This is a luxury Keurig with settings galore, which makes it perfect for people who intend to use it on a daily basis. It would make an excellent wedding or shower gift. For me, though, it’s a treat. My husband uses it every day because he likes coffee at night when I have cut myself off from caffeine. I use it when he’s away or when I awake before dawn, and it doesn’t make sense to brew a whole pot right then. I have family members, though, who use their Keurig exclusively, having done away completely with auto drip coffee.

— Debbie Lee Wesselmann