Kintsugi Electric Lamp (Fully Functioning Electric lamp Based on Traditional kintsukuroi Technique)
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Kintsugi Electric Lamp (Fully Functioning Electric lamp Based on Traditional kintsukuroi Technique)

  • Smokey White Glaze

  • High quality wooden base

  • Traditional kintsukuroi technique

  • highly collectible

  • unique Japanese art

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Soda fired Ceramic Vase with glaze brushwork repaired with the Kintsugi (Kintsukuroi) technique, with a unique clear resin and turned into a fully functional modern electric lamp. The Japanese art of Kintsugi has long inspired many souls in their journey to healing, and to embrace their scars and flaws as beauty and strength. It teaches us to honour our imperfections, and instead of hiding or being embarrassed about the damage, it teaches us to show them as our virtues – they are signs of what we have been through and that we have not only survived those ordeals but triumphed over them. And those scars are signs of victory, they are signs of our making and it is through them that our inner light shines through. Similarly, instead of concealing the damage of a broken ceramic, or throwing it out altogether, the damage is mended with a stream of gold. The scar is not hidden, but proudly transformed into an art that makes the ceramic unique – gives it its identity. Like how our scars give us our own identity, of what we are, how we got here, and how beautiful we are because of the journey and the challenges we have overcome. This is a symbol of hope, beauty, strength and the fact that we all fall down, but life lies in getting back up. Gift your loved ones this unique art, and let this be a symbol of their beauty, uniqueness and strength. Each of these pieces is painstakingly handmade over a period of numerous days, and unlike traditional Kintusgi technique, mine doesn’t fit the cracks seamlessly, but leaves a gap in between them, so that the light from the bulb inside the vase shines through. This is far more difficult to achieve and many pieces are discarded in the process. We use standard E27 incandescent bulbs, with 1.5m long, high-quality cable and switch, and the vase

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