Kozyard KozyLounge Elegant Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Aluminum and Textilene Sunbathing Chair for All Weather with headrest (2 packs), Very light, Very comfortable (Blue W/Table)
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Kozyard KozyLounge Elegant Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise Lounge Aluminum and Textilene Sunbathing Chair for All Weather with headrest (2 packs), Very light, Very comfortable (Blue W/Table)


  • to make sure this fits.

  • VERY SOLID! Made from a blend of mesh and polyester cloth on an aluminum frame for durability and strength.

  • VERY COMFORTABLE ! The canvas adapts to your body and its alveoli allows it to breathe during high heat. Adjustable backrest allows you to choose from four levels of personalized comfort

  • ELEGANT! Modern, clean and streaming design casts a stunning look in any patio or backyard setting

  • STACKABLE! When you purchase multiple sets, and you can stack them together in winter.

  • IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR USE! Built with its weather-resistant material (Stainless steel nails, Aluminum and Textilene) and construction, with a nice little table, it is very well fit for your pool.

Color:Blue W/Table

Kozyard KozyLounge Patio Reclining Chaise Lounge Aluminum and Textilene Sunbathing Chair was designed with one purpose in mind; you’ll discover that purpose the first time you try it. It’s all about relaxation and the pleasure you experience from sitting in something that’s built for comfort. It finds its place as well on the edge of a swimming pool as on a terrace. Good investment in time, this sun bath is also convenient and comfortable. With a reclining backrest with four levels, the KozyLounge adapts to your desires.

It is a guarantee of longevity because the aluminum does not rust and the textilene does not alter with the bad weather. The KozyLounge is therefore a quality product, perfectly suited for outdoor use. Its aluminum structure is covered with an epoxy paint to bring a nice uniform color.


  • Very solid!The weight capacity is 265lbs.
  • Very comfortable – The canvas’ alveoli allows it to breathe during high heat. Adjustable backrest allows you to choose from four levels
  • Elegant! Modern, clean and streaming design casts a stunning look in any patio or backyard setting.
  • Stackable! You can stack them together in winter.
  • Easy maintenance! Easy to clean up dust and any other spots.
  • Headrest cushion included!
  • Ideal for outdoor use with its weather-resistant material


  • Overall Dimensions: 71″L x 25.25″W x 34.25″H
  • Headrest Cushion: 16.5″L x 7″W x 3″T
  • Backrest Height: 13″, 20.5″, 24″, 28″, 31″, 34.25″
  • Seat Dimensions: 20″W x 69″L
  • Seat Height: 8.5″
  • Armrest Width: 2″
  • Net Weight: 12.4 lbs (each), 24.7lbs (2 packs)
  • Weight Capacity: 265lbs
  • Material: Aluminum Frame, Mesh Fabric, Stainless Steel Nails
  • Table size: 18.1″x13.8×11.
  • 2PCS/CTN with a table
  • Package size: 63.8”Lx6.2”Wx23.3”H

Product information

Color:Blue W/Table

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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September 22, 2017

Color: Gray|Verified Purchase

Have a ratchet set and immediately toss the tools they send. Have Herculean strength as you attempt to bend the aluminum frame for the screws to line up. Have a pillow to scream into when the screws won’t fit into the threads due to the massive amount of paint surrounding the hole. Take meditation breaks and keep anything harmful to yourself at least five feet from your reach. I build things for a living and the past three hours could be the most frustrating time of my life. Though they are built, I will never sit in these out of pure spite for this manufacturer. I would pay twice the money to watch a representative of this company build this chair with the wrench they send in the box.

June 28, 2017

Color: Blue|Verified Purchase

Beautiful blue color! A true aquamarine. They are very comfortable, and I love the sleek design. Nice low armrests. However, they are a nightmare to assemble! They are made to be put together so the fabric is taut, which I get. But if you don’t have either an exceptionally strong man, or clamps to pull it all together, forget it! I bought 4 of them. I have only put together 2. Waiting on the other two til my frustration passes.

February 25, 2018

Color: Gray|Verified Purchase

These seats look awesome and are very comfortable, however the instructions are absolutely terrible, and even the company logo stickers are stuck on the wrong side of the chair (meaning they are now hidden, and making it even tighter and more difficult to build)!! The included instructions, if followed verbatim, would lead to running out of plastic washers. The company knows this, and emailed me to inform me there were new instructions attached. However, there were no instructions attached to the email. I found their company website, and it was even worse. While the website looks good, every click leads to a pop-up advert. Do they not make enough money selling their products, that they need to abuse their customers by bombarding them with pop-ups from other companies? Or is their website infected with a virus? Is my computer now infected? It’s a very bad experience. In any case, I went to Amazon to find instructions and yes, they were here. 3 separate documents. The first two were actually still the old, terrible instructions. I had to go through their email, their terrible website, and 3 separate instruction manuals to find their updated instructions. Very poor experience

So my take on this?

The chairs themselves seem to be comfortable, sturdy chairs, albeit clearly built with little quality assurance. Will they last? Only time will tell. However, Kozyard clearly has little intention of ensuring a good customer experience, with confusing information, bad instructions, a terrible website, incorrect instructions included, and difficulty providing accurate information to the user. This detracts from an otherwise good product.

June 29, 2017

Color: Blue|Verified Purchase

Easy to assemble. More comfortable than the previous product I had. Very pleased.

December 21, 2017

Color: Taupe|Verified Purchase

These were one of the few loungers they would ship to Hawaii. Didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.
The assembly did take a little time, would be easier with two people. However all the bolts are stainless steel and the frame is aluminium so it should last in our coastal weather. They seem to sit a little lower to the ground but are very comfortable. I would highly recommend these loungers and they’re a great value for the price.

August 18, 2017

Color: Blue|Verified Purchase

I love the way they look. They are super comfy. I am hoping they last for a long time.
I will say this for when you are assembling them: 1) start at the end, 2) leave all bolts loose until the very end, 3) when you flip the chair over to work on the screws, make sure you have something to cushion the chair…our arms are now scratched up because of the movement of the chair when we were tightening the screws. They are comfy…and look lovely.

August 25, 2017

Color: Gray|Verified Purchase

Tough to get together but love the final result. Water just goes through it when rains. No cushions to remove and all. Adjustable headrest is nice too for various support spots.

September 6, 2017

Color: Lime|Verified Purchase

We are happy w/ our chairs! I picked these out for their style, price, and relatively good reviews. They arrived quickly and well packaged. I would suggest 2 people to put the chairs together and a socket wrench. I imagine one person handling the project would take a great deal of time as would using the enclosed hand wrenches alone. They are comfortable, attractive, and I like the adjustable head rests. I could see these chairs being too small for the big and tall group (we are both in the 5′ range and under 200 lbs). They are fairly light weight. I will update my review of we encounter anything odd in the next months.