Laser Sword’s for Kids (4 Pack) – Double Bladed Light Saber Toy with Sounds – Blue/Green Colors – 28″ inch – Perfect for Star Wars Themed Party – 12 AAA Batteries Included (replaceable)
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Laser Sword’s for Kids (4 Pack) - Double Bladed Light Saber Toy with Sounds – Blue/Green Colors - 28" inch – Perfect for Star Wars Themed Party – 12 AAA Batteries Included (replaceable)


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  • ⚔ SAVINGS PACK OF 4 AWESOME LIGHT UP SWORDS FOR KIDS – Your kids will have an absolute blast playing with these glow in the dark swords. This toy will keep them busy for hours and gets their imaginations going as they create dramatic narratives of superheroes and villains right in their bedroom!

  • ⚔ POWER UP AND POWER DOWN, LIGHT EFFECTS – Kids can press the button to power up their intergalactic weapon and see the blade’s cool light effects. Flashing blue and green LED lights will have boys and girls clashing swords and enjoying the cool effects in the dark. Suitable for ages 5 and Up.

  • ⚔ EPIC BATTLE SOUNDS FOR THEATRICAL PLAY TIME – These toy swords have cool sound effects for creating epic Jedi battles. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the dramatic sword clashing sound effects, and the whoosh as these toy light sabers slash through the air.

  • ⚔ INCLUDES BATTERIES & ADAPTER TO CONNECT 2 SWORDS INTO 1 – Make these two LED swords into one double-bladed lightsaber sword, using the cool connector piece that comes in the pack. Additionally, both these swords come with 3 AAA batteries and can be easily replaced if they run out.

  • ⚔ LED LIGHT SWORDS FOR KIDS PARTIES – Electric Saber Swords are perfect for Star Wars themed birthday parties, fencing themed parties, party favors, birthday gifts, Halloween and more! The Laser swords are safe and fun for play fights, school projects, and festivals. This also makes a great gag gift for Star Wars fanatics!

2-in-1 LED Laser Sword FX makes an epic birthday gift or Christmas present for both boys and girls who love to be superheroes!

⚔ Hours of Fun for Kids (and Adults)
En Garde, swish, clash the epic battle sounds that emanate from your kid’s playroom or bedroom means you can congratulate yourself on a great present.Don’t let your kids (or adults) get bored at this year’s Christmas or Hanukah party get them a gift that they can play with straight away!
Lights and sounds make this a great toy to play in the dark. ⚡ Features and Specifications:
✔ 4 Laser Swords Each Measuring 28-inches
✔ Bright Glowing Blue and Green Blades
✔ Adapter to Create a Dual Bladed Saber Sword
✔ Epic Sword Fighting Sound Effects
✔ Includes 12 AAA Batteries (3 for each sword)
✔ Batteries Can Be Replaced
✔ Loved by Both Children and Adults
✔ Perfect for Parents to Bond with their Kids
✔ Suitable for Kids Age 5 and Up🎃 Perfect Halloween or Party Accessory!
If your child has decided they are going to dress up a Jedi warrior or Darth Vader this year, then they will need a cool lightsaber to go along with their costume.It’s also fun for kids to have pretend fencing fights and get their imaginations going.
These swords will also get your kids moving and spending less time on their tablets or iPads.👽 Star Wars Fanatic Adults Love Em’
If you have a friend who is having a birthday bash, bachelorette or bachelor party
and you know that they are a Star Wars fan, then these toy light sabers make the perfect surprise gift to bring along to the party.
The LED lights are very bright and will make epic party pics especially in the dark.Please Note:
These swords are not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Star Wars, a registered trademark of Lucas Entertainment.

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