LE 33ft 120 LED Dimmable Rope Lights, Warm White, Battery Powered, Waterproof, 8 Modes/Timer, Fairy Lights for Garden Patio Party Christmas Thanksgiving Outdoor Decoration. Pack of 2
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LE 33ft 120 LED Dimmable Rope Lights, Warm White, Battery Powered, Waterproof, 8 Modes/Timer, Fairy Lights for Garden Patio Party Christmas Thanksgiving Outdoor Decoration. Pack of 2


  • to make sure this fits.

  • 8 Lighting Modes: it’s ideal for all kinds of decoration lighting in garden, patio, tent, awning, holiday, festival, etc.

  • Remote Control: remote control the lighting performance, like the modes, brightness, timing, on/off.

  • Battery powered: the light should be powered by batteries (not included), making it can be mounted anywhere.

  • Waterproof: IP44 rating keeps the light away from water splashing, allowing to use it outdoor.

  • Timing Function: choose your timing time, the light will be on 6 hours from that time every day

Color:Warm White–Pack of 2

8 Lighting Modes
With various lighting modes (Combination, In wave, Sequential, Slo glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady on), it can meet your various lighting needs.

Remote Control
You can remote control the light within 20-26 feet, like control the lighting modes, set the timing time, adjust the brightness, and on/off.

Timing Function
The light will be 6-hour on and 18-hour off when you press the “TIMER” button of remote control. So if you want to use this function, just choose the timing time and press the button at the time you chose, then the light will be on 6 hours every day starting at that time.

The waterproof rating of this light is IP44, which means it can resist water splashing. So you can use it outdoor and indoor both.

Battery Powered
The light should be powered by 3 AA batteries (not included in the package), allowing the light to be mounted anywhere you need. Please note The remote controller includes button cell batteries, please be cautious to avoid any mistaken ingestion.

Decorative Application
You can use it for ambience decoration and atmosphere creating, like decorating your garden, yard, corridor, holiday, festival, Christmas tree, Thanksgiving, etc.

Item Package Quantity: 2 pcs
Wattage: 0.35W
Input voltage: 4.5V DC
Output voltage: 2.57V AC
Color: Warm White
Color temperature: 2700-3000K
LED Amount: 120 pcs
Waterproof: IP44
Dimmable: Yes
Material: Plastic, PVC, and Copper

About LE
Lighting EVER, abbreviated to LE, focuses on creating the best lighting experience.
Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with LE.

Product information

Color:Warm White–Pack of 2

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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May 19, 2017

Color: Warm White–Pack of 1|Verified Purchase

I didn’t have high expectations for this rope light as it’s the same thing as battery powered ‘fairy lights’ that are in a silicone tube. They are NOT like the old school rope lights of years ago that college kids used to hang in their dorms or that people put under their deck railings. Even so, these were cheap so I decided to buy them.

I have a deck that is about 30″ off the ground with NO railings. Looks great but unless you have a porch light on, it is way too easy to walk off the edge of the deck and break your neck. I was looking for rope lights to mount under the edge of the deck to cast light on the ground below and hopefully give an unsuspecting guest a little bit of warning before they stepped off. These just aren’t bright enough to cast light onto the ground below.

Feeling defeated, I set the rope down on the deck and by accident, it noticed the rope is almost exactly the same size as the gap between the deck boards. EUREKA! Why not use the lights as ‘run way markers’ to mark the edges of the deck? So I pushed the tube gently into the void between the boards and went all the way around the deck’s edge. It looks AMAZING and super professional. The tube is so flexible that I could even bend it on a hard 45 deg angle to go around the corner of the deck. Pictures do not do this kit justice!

01/09/18 UPDATE – Somewhat disappointed in the lifespan. Moisture got inside the battery box after just a few months and ended up shorting out the circuitry inside. I will likely order another set in the spring and give it a second go.

November 23, 2016

Color: Daylight White-Pack of 1|Verified Purchase

I’m so impressed! The rope’s diameter was smaller than I’d expected but it works perfectly and looks great outdoors under the eaves of the patio overhang. We can sit in the family room and easily see the lights. It’s even better sitting outdoors because the rope is long enough to reach across the entire section that faces us with enough to wrap around the sides. The battery pack fits nicely on top of a beam so I can easily aim the remote yet it’s not too visible. The remote won’t work through glass. I have to open a door to operate it. My husband removed the old, non-functioning solar lights from that location and installed this rope yesterday and it looks much neater without all the wires from the solar lights. I was impressed this morning that the lights had been on 12 hours – far exceeding the timer hours! Then I realized I’d forgotten to push the timer button! The timer button is a fabulous feature and will save on battery life. This rope is vastly superior to solar lighting!

In comparison to other rope lighting, this is a true bargain for $13. The rope length and the number of LEDs is better than much more expensive rope lights. I’m very pleased with the quality and the value for my money.

August 18, 2017

Color: RGB-Pack of 1|Verified Purchase

April 4, 2017

Color: Daylight White-Pack of 1|Verified Purchase

These did not work out for my intended purpose but I like them just the same. I decided to put them up in my room and they give off a pretty good amount of light. The remote control is a great function. I’m pretty sure the description said these take AAA batteries but they take AA. They do not get hot like I thought they might. I’ve only used them a few times over the last few days but I would buy them again if these hold out. The photo makes them look bigger than they actually are. I would equate the diameter of the string of lights to the size of a standard inkpen… maybe a little smaller but bigger than a pencil. These would be great for kids.

February 15, 2018

Color: Daylight White-Pack of 1|Verified Purchase

My goal was to make a ring light with this, from a diy tutorial on youtube. I knew what kind of rope light I wanted, the kind with the hard plastic on the outside, you know the one. This was more like one of those thin strings of fairy lights (the ones that are copper wire littered with LEDs) but encased in a soft rubbery plastic. It was thinner than what I was expecting, and the rubbery plastic felt uncomfortably malleable; I was scared I was gonna break it by squeezing the lights too hard.

What I really don’t like about these lights is the first default setting on the remote (there’s a little button on the battery pack also) is flashing lights. I just wanted solid lights, and then they kept flashing. Since the remote only has numbers, not descriptions of the settings, it took me a while to find the settings descriptions on the back of the battery pack. I’m not a huge fan of that. However, I set it to the solid light and turned it off, and when I turned it back on it was still on the solid light setting. That was nice, since I’ve had similar things where when you turn it back on, it starts back over at the first setting (solid light is 8, 1-7 are all some variation of flashing light).

The spacing between the lights is what made it not bright enough to be a ring light. I’m going for nice lighting to do my makeup in, but even in the dark, these barely lit up my face.

July 18, 2017

Color: Daylight White-Pack of 1|Verified Purchase

They work perfectly! I bought them to put them on the bottom of my baby’s crib to be able to see her better through the baby monitor.

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