LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383, Toy for 5 Plus

As a parent of two young children, I am always on the lookout for engaging and educational toys. When I came across the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383, I was immediately intrigued. Not only does it provide a fun building experience, but it also promotes imaginative play and introduces children to the concept of electric vehicles. Having had the opportunity to use this toy with my kids, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations.

My Personal Overview

One of the standout features of the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 is the realistic design. The attention to detail, from the sleek exterior to the race car driver minifigure, is impressive. My children were captivated by the vibrant colors and enjoyed creating their own racing scenarios.

The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 features a charging station, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and clean energy. This sparked discussions with my kids about environmental consciousness, making the toy not just entertaining but also educational.

Furthermore, the building process itself was a great bonding experience. My kids, aged 6 and 8, were able to follow the clear instructions provided with the set and assemble the car themselves. It was gratifying to witness their problem-solving skills and fine motor development in action.

Main Features and Benefits

– Realistic design and attention to detail
– Promotes imaginative play
– Introduces children to electric vehicles and sustainability
– Enhances problem-solving skills and fine motor development
– Provides a bonding experience for parents and children

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • High-quality LEGO construction
    • Educational value
    • Promotes creativity
  • Cons:
    • Pricier compared to non-LEGO alternatives
    • May require adult assistance for younger children

Consumer Experiences

According to various reviews, consumers have had positive experiences with the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383. Many parents have highlighted its engaging nature and ability to spark conversations about sustainability. Children who have played with the toy have expressed enjoyment and appreciation for its realistic features.

“My kids absolutely love this LEGO set! They spend hours racing the electric car and even built a whole LEGO city around it.” – 5-star review from Samantha

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 has received an average rating of 4.5 stars. The majority of reviewers have praised its quality, educational value, and entertainment factor.

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Recommended Users

I would highly recommend the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 to parents looking for an interactive and educational toy for their children. It is especially suitable for kids aged 5 and above who have an interest in vehicles or enjoy building with LEGO. This set would make an excellent gift for birthdays or special occasions.

Technical Specifications and Dimensions

  • Product number: 60383
  • Minimum recommended age: 5 years
  • Total number of pieces: 180
  • Car dimensions: 10cm (height) x 24cm (length) x 12cm (width)
  • Charging station dimensions: 4cm (height) x 14cm (length) x 4cm (width)

Performance in Different Settings and Environments

The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 performs well on various surfaces, providing smooth and enjoyable play experiences indoors and outdoors. Its sturdy construction ensures durability even during enthusiastic racing sessions.

Setup, Use, and Maintenance

The set comes with clear step-by-step instructions for easy assembly. However, younger children may require adult assistance. Once built, the car can be easily played with, and the included minifigure adds to the fun. Maintenance is minimal, as the LEGO pieces are designed to withstand repeated use.

Durability and Reliability

LEGO products are known for their durability, and the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 is no exception. The pieces securely fit together, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting toy that can withstand rough play. The quality construction gives confidence in its reliability.

Price, Quality, and Features Comparison

  • Price: The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 falls on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to non-LEGO race car sets.
  • Quality: LEGO is renowned for its high-quality construction, and this set lives up to that reputation.
  • Features: The educational aspect of the electric car and charging station sets it apart from other race car toys.
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Tips and Tricks

– Encourage creativity by building additional structures or obstacles for the car to navigate.
– Combine this set with other LEGO City sets for expanded play possibilities.
– Use the car as a starting point for discussions about electric vehicles and environmental consciousness.

Common Problems or Issues

– Some small pieces may pose a choking hazard for younger children, so adult supervision is recommended.
– Occasionally, pieces may be missing from the set, but LEGO’s customer service is known for promptly sending replacements.

Exceeding Expectations

I was pleasantly surprised by how much the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 exceeded my expectations. It not only provided endless entertainment and imaginative play for my children but also sparked insightful discussions about sustainability and clean energy. Additionally, the high-quality construction and attention to detail showcase LEGO’s commitment to delivering exceptional products.

Performance Evaluation

The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 performs exceptionally well in terms of its design, durability, and educational value. It smoothly glides across various surfaces, and its construction ensures long-lasting playability.

User Feedback and Ratings

“This LEGO set is fantastic! My kids can’t get enough of it. They love racing the car and pretending to be the driver.” – 5-star review from Michael

The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 has received overwhelmingly positive ratings from users, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Parents and children alike have praised its quality, engaging play experience, and educational aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What age range is this toy suitable for?

    A: The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 is recommended for children aged 5 years and above.
  • Q: Does this set require batteries?

    A: No, batteries are not required for this set as it is a building toy.
  • Q: Can the car be detached into smaller parts?

    A: While the car can be disassembled, it is meant to be kept intact for play.
  • Q: Are additional minifigures included?

    A: No, the set only includes one racing driver minifigure.
  • Q: Can this set be combined with other LEGO sets?

    A: Yes, the LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 can be easily combined with other LEGO City sets for expanded play possibilities.
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Where to Buy and Discount Information

The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 can be purchased from various online and offline retailers, including the official LEGO website and popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Discounts and coupons can often be found during seasonal sales or through retailer-specific promotional offers.

Warranty Information

The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 comes with a standard LEGO warranty. The exact duration and coverage may vary depending on the region of purchase. It is advisable to consult the warranty documentation or contact LEGO’s customer service for specific details.

Customer Service

LEGO has a reputation for excellent customer service. They are known for their responsiveness and willingness to assist customers with any inquiries, concerns, or issues. Customer support can be reached through their official website or hotline.


The LEGO City Electric Sports Car 60383 has been a fantastic addition to our toy collection. Its ability to entertain my kids for hours while simultaneously teaching them about sustainability is truly remarkable. As a parent, witnessing my children’s creativity and learning unfold through play has been invaluable. The product’s high quality, attention to detail, and educational value make it well worth the investment.

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