Lemonbest Dimmable 110V 5W LED Ceiling Light Downlight , Warm White Spotlight Lamp Recessed Lighting Fixture , Halogen Bulb Replacement (2pcs)
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Lemonbest Dimmable 110V 5W LED Ceiling Light Downlight , Warm White Spotlight Lamp Recessed Lighting Fixture , Halogen Bulb Replacement (2pcs)

  • 2pcs Dimmable LED Ceiling Light Downlights. Input voltage: AC100-145V 50/60 Hz, Output: 5W (5*1W), Downlight body Size: D3.39 * H2.00inch / D 86 * H 50mm Cut-out: 2.6 Inch / 68mm

  • 3000K Warm White; Famous 2 Pair Pure Gold Wires, not single wire of Epistar Chips

  • Brightness Degradation Is Less Than 0.1% per 1,000 hours. 90% saving on the electricity bills, and greatly reducing maintenance cost

  • Silver Aluminum, 48 hours aging time, Save energy, 5 steps strict quality control

  • Common problem resolution: If the light cannot be dimmed normally, the problem is very likely to be your dimmer, please use a led dimmer to try it again or contect us directly.

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Power: 5W(5x1W LEDs)
Input Voltage:AC 100-145V
Dimmable: Yes
Material: High Strength Aluminum
Color Temperature:Warm White(2800-3200K)
Luminous Flux:480-650LM
Beam Angle:45 degree
Life Span:50000 hours
LED Working Temperature:-25°C – +65°C
Size:D3.39*H2.00inch / D 86mm * H 50mm
Cut-out: 2.6 Inch / 68mm

Tip: every light has a small driver, and you can connect the two wires to your main power randomly.
Package includes:
2x 5W Dimmable LED ceiling lights warm white


2 year warranty, free replacement within warranty, 60 days money back, 60 days return without reasons.

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March 1, 2014

Size: 1 Piece|Verified Purchase

Although I question the sanity of any marketing genius who would brand any product with “Lemon,” I have to say that these are very dimmable and very useful devices.

I bought 7 of these and all 7 worked the first time. Six of them I used in parallel for kitchenette lighting in my basement. The strong side clips attached to my 1/2″ sheetrock with surprising grip (more on the clips below) and the depth of these units made them perfect for mounting in shallow locations in the ceiling where I actually had head ducts running in the same cavity between studs; a full depth recessed halogen fixture for a PAR16 would not have worked.

For dimming, I’m using Insteon In-LineLinc dimmers in this case. The Insteon line of dimmers works well with LED lighting (unlike Lutron where you need to pony up for a special dimmer for LED lights…and insteon dimmers are controllable from anywhere you go on a budget.) I’m able to dim these from full brightness down to a very low level, and there is NO flickering as reported by others… I don’t know what kind of dimmer they’re using. I’m an electrical engineer and have been impressed so far by my insteon system which is growing and has not failed me at all.

About the clips. They’re strong… they have very good springs with plenty of tension for grabbing your sheetrock. But BE CAREFUL if you have to remove one of these. I pulled one out with both hands to reposition it, forgot about the springs, and got the full force of these mouse-trap-like spring mechanisms on the backs of both thumbs! Several four letter words later (as my amused wife watched) I had learned a valuable lesson. LOL.

The color temperature of these units is a very nice cool color with yellowish overtones like a halogen. Just what the world needs. I highly recommend these bulbs.

February 2, 2017

Size: 1 Piece|Verified Purchase

March 4, 2014

Size: 1 Piece|Verified Purchase

Great light. Very bright. Easy to install.
Does not flicker or trip breaker. Works perfectly. Very cool temperature and uses only 5 watts of power.
The hole for the light must be 3 inches and have 1/4 inch notches on each side for the spring supports. The light stays very secure and has a clever system of spring supports to keep it tightly on the ceiling.

I don’t care for the yellowish light. I wanted a cool light effect and didn’t realize the difference. Be sure to find a light with the type of light you would like in the specifications under Color Temperature:
Cool White (5500-6500K) Brighter and a ‘daylight’ color
Warm White(2800-3500K) Yellowish and less bright.

September 27, 2016

Size: 1 Piece|Verified Purchase

I recently renovated my kitchen from ceiling to floor and it was time to find some lighting. There were so many options. I wanted a product easy to install, reliable, and something that looked nice at a good value.

I think that after careful review, I found the product that fit the bill.
These little lemonbest dimmable lights are a nice addition to my new kitchen. I spaced them out just about every 2′, Basically this was the amount of light from an 8′ ceiling. Different ceiling heights may change the amount of spacing you need. They are pretty bright so do not look directly at them.
They have a limited dim ability that’s why its 4 stars and not 5. They do however dim a little bit. I guess that this is typical for led lights. These little lights look great and I really could not ask for more. For 5 watts each, they provide a nice glow with a yellowish tint.

I highly recommend this product. Just give them a little while to ship because these took several weeks to get to me. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE YOURSELF A FEW WEEKS TO RECEIVE THIS PRODUCT BECAUSE THEY REALLY TAKE THEIR TIME GETTING IT TO YOU! This was the biggest negative of the product. Once they arrived they were great!
If you have any questions about this product just ask.

review imagereview image

March 14, 2015

Size: 1 Piece|Verified Purchase

Installed three of these over a sit-down bar. The lighting is great and I combined it with a Lemonbest dimmer. These lights are very nicely made and look good when installed. Typical of other products like this the electrical is a bit strange. I placed each light’s control module in a covered single gang box and connected box to box. The supplied connector lets you remove the light itself by simply unplugging and pulling back the springs. A very nice quality product that is the wave of the future. It looks good too !!


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