Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works

magic chef mini fridge not cooling but freezer works

If your magic chef mini fridge not cooling but your freezer is working, there is a good chance that the evaporator fan motor is not functioning properly. This can be very frustrating. There are a few things you can check to determine if the evaporator fan motor is broken or if your defrost system is malfunctioning. It may also help to know if your defrost thermometer is working.

Check if the evaporator fan motor is faulty

If you are having problems with your Magic Chef mini fridge, the first step is to check if the evaporator fan motor is faulty. Faulty fans can cause your Magic Chef mini fridge to run too hot and be less effective at cooling. The fan will also create noise.

If your freezer is not cold, or the fan is making a high pitched sound, then the fan may be faulty. To test for a faulty fan motor, you should disconnect the power from your unit and remove the rear access panel.

If you don’t remove the access panel, you can’t see the fan blades, which can make it hard to find the faulty fan. Ice can build up on the blades, which can prevent them from turning.

Ice can also prevent the evaporator from dissipating heat effectively. If the evaporator doesn’t turn, then you will need to replace the fan.

If you are unsure about replacing the evaporator fan, you can always hire a certified technician. You can learn more about how to do this by reading your user manual.

Check the defrost thermometer

If your Magic Chef refrigerator isn’t cooling but the freezer is, it might be time to check the defrost thermometer. This isn’t always easy to do, though. It can also be a dangerous task if you’re not careful.

A faulty evaporator fan might cause your Magic Chef refrigerator to run hot. To test this, turn the fan blades by hand.

The evaporator fan is a part of your fridge that pulls cold air across the coils. The corresponding temperature control thermostat regulates this process.

There are several other parts that work together to make your Magic Chef mini fridge run as smoothly as possible. These include the temperature control board and the thermistor.

The thermistor is a small piece of technology that senses the temperature of the refrigerant inside the unit. It then sends a reading to the control board. After that, the board decides whether to kickstart the compressor or turn it off.

Diagnose a malfunctioning defrost system

There are many different parts in a Magic Chef mini fridge. The control board, evaporator fan motor, and thermistor are all important and should be checked to ensure that they are working properly. If you have any issues with these components, you may need to replace them.

Failed evaporator fan motors can cause your freezer to stay cold. It can also prevent proper air circulation in your fridge. This can lead to decayed food and melted ice.

A faulty temperature control board will not send electricity to your fan motor. This can be a problem if you have a defrost timer. Having a faulty defrost timer can result in ice clogging your evaporator coils.

Using a multimeter to check the thermistor and evaporator fan motor will help you determine if they are working correctly. If your thermistor is defective, your refrigerator could be running too slow or too fast.

Similarly, a faulty evaporator fan can cause your Magic Chef refrigerator to be overheated. You should be able to see a humming sound from the evaporator fan when it is operating.

Fix a cracked thermostat

If your Magic Chef mini fridge doesn’t cool as quickly as it should, you may want to fix a cracked thermostat. You can do this without having to get a professional repair person. However, you should be careful. The repair process can be quite delicate.

First, check the power cord to see if it is damaged. A loose power cord may mean that your refrigerator isn’t getting enough electricity. To correct this, you can replace the wall receptacle.

Next, check the wiring connections. The wires should be free of corrosion. Also, check the thermostat for continuity.

In addition, you should make sure that the condenser fan is working properly. When the condenser fan fails, air cannot be blown past the condenser coils. This prevents heat from releasing from the refrigerant.

Finally, you can check the evaporator fan. When the evaporator fan motor doesn’t turn, the freezer will not be cooled. If you do find that it’s not a power issue, you may need to get a new condenser fan.