MB QUART FA1-900.5 900 Watt 5 Channel Car Audio Amplifier Class A/B+D+Amp Kit

MB QUART FA1-900.5 900 Watt 5 Channel Car Audio Amplifier Class A/B+D+Amp Kit
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MB QUART FA1-900.5 900 Watt 5 Channel Car Audio Amplifier Class A/B+D+Amp Kit

  • Package Includes: (1) MB QUART FA1-900.5 900 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier Class A/B+D Car Audio Amp+Remote, (1) Rockville RWK42 4 Gauge 4 Chan Car Amp Wiring Installation Wire Kit (2) RCA’s, (2) Rockville RTR172 17 Foot 2 Channel Twisted Pair RCA Cable Split Pin 100% Copper

  • Features of FA1-900.5: Low Noise Preamplifier Circuitry: Q-Stasis Pre Amplifier Stage: Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion, RCA Inputs: Nickel Plated: High temperature impact resistant with hex screw terminals that allow for secure connections and is erosion resistant, Operation Mode: 5 channel operation, Crossover Type: Variable electronic crossovers allow for complete control of the sound

  • Electronic Equalizer: Control of amplifier output with on-board electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers. Heat Sink: Heavy duty heat-sink efficiently moves heat from the MOSFET where it can be cooled Power Supply: Rugged MOSFET Pulse Width Modulation power supply: Allows amplifier to product efficient power without taxing the vehicle electrical system

  • Features of RWK42: (2) 17 High Grade Twisted Pair of 100% Copper RCA Cable, 17 4 Gauge Translucent Blue SuperFlex Power Cables, 17 18 Gauge Blue Remote Cable, 17 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire, 3 4 Gauge Clear SuperFlex Ground Wire, Gold Plated AGU Heat Resistant Fuse Holder, 80 Amp AGU Gold Plated Fuse, 7 Split Tube Loom, Accessories Included: Wire Ties, Ring Terminals, Butt Connectors, Spades, and Grommets, Soft abrasion proof insulating jacket allows for 100% improved flexibility.

  • Features of RTR172: Rockville RTR172 17 Foot 100% Copper 2-Channel Twisted Pair RCA Cable, Oxygen Free Copper, 100% Oxygen Free Copper, Premium Audiophile RCA Interconnect Cables, Split Pin Technology Ensures a Secure Connection, Outstanding Noise Rejection, Accuracy, and Frequency Response, Color Coded Channel Identification, Length: 17-Foot, Rockville 1 year warranty, Also Available in: 3-Foot, 6-Foot, 12-Foot, 20-Foot and 25-Foot

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Description of FA1-900.5: The FA1-900.5 is a 900 watt 1 ohm stable (channel 5 only) car audio amplifier. Formula amplifiers feature DC Sensing to allow any amplifier to be easy integrated into an OEM system by simply adapting a RCA cable from the source unit. Bass remote is included.

DC SIGNAL SENSE: The DC SIGNAL SENSE switch will allow the amp to turn on when a signal is received on the RCA inputs so an amplifier remote turn on wire is not needed to turn on the amplifier. This feature can also be turned off.

ON BOARD EQUALIZATION: The Formula Series of amplifiers have built in equalization to fine tune the system with Low Pass High Pass and Level Control. Take a close look at the 5 Channel controls and check out how much equalization control you have over frequency and gain to all five channels. It is a pretty amazing amplifier.

CLASS SQ: Multi-channel Formula amplifiers utilize the unique MB Quart Class SQ topology. Matched with Q-Stasis the sonic accuracy and clarity exceeds standard Class A/B amplifiers.

Q-STASIS: The highly engineered Q-Stasis pre-amplifier stage reduces incoming noise from source units dramatically improving sound quality.

CLASS Q1 5-channel: MB Quart’s Class Q1 offers the efficiency of today’s D-Class with increased engineering to focus on sound quality from the power supply through the output devices the FLUID-FETS.

BASS REMOTE: Bass Remotes are included on 5-channel and 5 channel amplifiers.

Description of RWK42: 1. Our RCA cables are 100 % copper. These are top of the line RCA cables

2. Better Resistance: Rockville wires are made with around 3 times as much copper as any other wire at this price point, these wires had a much better resistance rating which means they will transfer more power to your amps than the other brands.

Description of RTR172: RCA cables are the backbone of your audio system. They are used for transferring audio and video signals. Without a proper cable and good signal.

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