MET certified Seedling Heat Mat, Seedfactor Waterproof Durable Germination Station Heat Mat, Warm Hydroponic Heating Pad for Indoor Home Gardening Seed Starter(3.5″ X 21″)
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MET certified Seedling Heat Mat, Seedfactor Waterproof Durable Germination Station Heat Mat, Warm Hydroponic Heating Pad for Indoor Home Gardening Seed Starter(3.5" X 21")


  • to make sure this fits.

  • MET safety certified;Comply with UL 499;CSA C22.2 No.64

  • Multiple Uses – Perfect for Brewing and Heating your Kombucha, Kimchi & Yogurt. Simply wrap around or place under your container. Use Year around for Windowsill Herb Garden, Plant Propagation, Seed & Seedling Starting

  • Available in 4 sizes: Mini:3.5″x21″, Watt: 7.3W ; Small: 10″x20″, Watt: 17.5W ; Medium: 20″x20″, Watt: 45W ; Large: 48″x20″, Watt: 100W

  • Designing with waterproof construction, our seeding heat mat is safe for use indoor plantings,The new, stronger heating wire and thicker multi-layer construction offer more uniform heating and the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments.

  • The Seedfactor Seeding Heat Mat adopts the latest 7.5MM thickening,105 degrees of high temperature resistant cylindrical SJTW 5.9ft water-proof power cord (thicker than the general power cord, solid, high temperature resistant), safer and more durable, and guarantee the stability of seedling mat safety work.

Size:1 Pack-3.5″ X 21″

Nurture your seedlings by ensuring they have a warm area for root growth and germination.
This Seeding Heat Mat speeds up the transplanting process by keeping the soil between 70℉and 85℉.
Intended for indoor use only, this product is waterproof and easy to clean to make storage a breeze.
Available in small medium and large sizes and carries an MET safety certification.

Product information

Size:1 Pack-3.5″ X 21″

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November 20, 2017

Size: 1 Pack-10″ X 20″|Verified Purchase

The mat works great and I have no complaints as to the workmanship or anything. I docked a star because it actually worked a little too well – kept all my stuff at about 95F which was too warm. I tried some water kefir, kombucha, and chia sprouts, and it was too much for all of them. I’ll have to figure out how to tone it down.

January 30, 2018

Size: 1 Pack-10″ X 20″|Verified Purchase

I can’t complain. Our hydroponic tent is in the basement and while it is warm it isn’t toasty. Used this mat to germinate a couple of tomato and basil plants and they germinated straight away. I know it generated heat as before the mat the seed tray would take 2-3 weeks to use up the water. With the mat the water was gone in a week. So watch your water levels in the seed tray.

March 1, 2018

Size: 1 Pack-10″ X 20″|Verified Purchase

 * Waterproof, durable, 5 1/2 foot power cord with a two prong 110 V plug.
* This is an excellent germinating/heating pad. It is the standard size that fits nicely under the seedling trays.
* I use these every year, in the spring, when I am preparing my seedlings for my vegetable and flower gardens.
* There is some confusion in the product description whether it is indoor or outdoor use. The bottom line is that they should not be immersed in water. If it’s dry outside, it’s OK.
* I use some of mine outside on a table, as long as it isn’t raining. If it rains, I cover them.
* It is important to keep them raised up off the ground because the soil is too cold in the spring at ground level.
* I use some of these inside of a greenhouse on my seedlings that need a little extra care.
* They will get supplemental grow light so that they have abundant like to begin their journey.
* The cord on this heating that is 5 1/2 feet long. The mat is 7.5 mm sec.
* In typical weather it will run between 70° and 85°. However, if you have it closed up in a greenhouse, in the pounding sunlight, it can reach 105° or higher.
* In my video, I show how I begin my siblings in transplants. I have been pretty successful.
* Even without the thermostat. Which is not included with this heating mat.
* Hope this info helps. Thanks for reading.

September 4, 2017

Size: 1 Pack-10″ X 20″|Verified Purchase

Quality is great, great product!!I bought a lot of different seed heating mats, the Seedfactor quality effect is the best, material and the use of the effect is perfect, I will strongly recommend friends and neighbors to buy it, the greatest product, I am very satisfied with this shopping!!!

February 11, 2018

Size: 1 Pack-10″ X 20″|Verified Purchase
review imagereview image

October 20, 2017

Size: 1 Pack-10″ X 20″|Verified Purchase

I feel like these mats make a definite difference when staying seeds indoors. These work just as advertised. I already have seeds coming up. These mats are especially useful to me.

January 1, 2018

Size: 1 Pack-10″ X 20″|Verified Purchase

Believe it or not this is great for proofing my bread

January 31, 2018

Size: 1 Pack-48″ X 20″|Verified Purchase

Extremely hot, many seedlings were fried. Needed to buy a heat mat thermostat for this product to be useable, which was expensive. The heat mat thermostat indicated that this mat was keeping 4 inch pots at 86 degrees F. in a 60 degree F. room. Do yourself a favor and buy a Vivosun heat mat which doesn’t overheat and you will not need to buy a separate thermostat.


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