MicrocKing Wireless Microphone Wireless Microphone System Dynamic Handheld Mic with Rechargeable Receiver for Conference Weddings Church Stage Party K…
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MicrocKing Wireless Microphone Wireless Microphone System Dynamic Handheld Mic with Rechargeable Receiver for Conference Weddings Church Stage Party Karaoke

  • Multiple Frequencies: The wireless microphone system is preset with 10 selectable frequencies, less prone to interference and low distortion. The handheld can change the frequency at any time,then the receiver will adjust the frequency automatically and jump to the corresponding frequency.

  • Display: The display on the handheld microphone can show the battery power and signal strength in real time, enables constant monitoring of system operation and don’t worry about suddenly not working.

  • High Peformance: The wireless microphone adopt full digital wirelesstransmission which wont compress/expanse and pre-weighting/deweighting. So the sound frequency, transient, ayanth and other indicators are very good and close to the sound quality of the wired microphone.

  • Easy to Use: Plug and Play, cable-free, frequency automatic pairing, AA battery-powered handheld microphone, and lithium rechargeable battery powered receiver makes it portable. The comfortable and easy to hold microphone is versatile and easy to use.

  • Wide Application: The microphone can be connected to multiple audio systems including speakers, amplifiers, wireless mic systems. Wireless microphones will give you the mobility and freedom of movement Perfect for stage performances, speeches, churches, weddings, etc.

This microphone only contains the wireless microphone system. Use an additional audio device (Power speaker or amplifier) to output the sound.

High Level of Convenience and Flexibility
Move unimpeded when performing without loss of sound quality.
Convenient And Easy to Use
Plug and play solution for easy setup.

Support: Voice Amplifier, TV, PC, Outdoor Speakers, Audio controller, PA system, Home speakers, DJ Speakers, etc.

a. Handheld Matching: in the state of the round machine, while holding the battery Male Key and the same shutdown button for about 4 seconds to observe the LED digital screen flashes for 1 second release the hand, hand microphone into the pairing state, LED digital screen- straight flicker.
b. Receiver pairing: when the receiver is switched on, the power switch will automatically enter the pairing smoke within 2 seconds after dialing the ON file, to see if there is a matching request; there will be a matching request, will be automatically paired, the matching indicator will flash 3 times to confirm the success of the pairing.

Exit pairing:
After successful pairing of hand, short press the battery compartment Yang Zang switch a self-service exit and perform the ” switching frequency ” operation, the hand flavor is transferred to the normal launch state, and the RF indicator light of the receiver is lit. The whole process of matching is : first inlay a cunning shot into the pairing shape, however, when the receiver enters the pairing mode ( pairing receive white help exit ), L may continue to match other reception if there is a demand for “a stack of names”, let the launch manually exit the pairing state and the pairing is completed.

Package Include:
Handheld microphone x1
Wireless receiver x 1
Microphone anti-rolling protection ring x1
USB charging cable x 1
User manual x 1
Batteries x 3

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