Mini Fridge Freezer Combo Australia Review

mini fridge freezer combo australia

Whether you’re a trucky, 4×4 enthusiast, or just a keen camper, this 12V fridge freezer combo is the perfect accessory. It integrates an insulated fibreglass cabinet with a high-quality EvaKool compressor, enabling you to operate the fridge as two separate zones.

This fridge also has a separate freezer compartment which is ideal for storing breast milk or pumping equipment. It’s also very quiet and operates at around 1dB.


A mini fridge freezer combo is a good fit for anyone looking to save space or keep drinks cool. The Black+Decker BCRK25B has a lot to offer, including a full-width freezer compartment complete with an ice cube tray. It’s also one of the most energy efficient refrigerators on the market courtesy of its Energy Star rating.

Its small size is also a big plus, making it the perfect choice for dorm rooms, bedrooms and offices alike. Its other perks include a reversible door, ideal compartments and removable shelves. Lastly, the BCRK25B’s most notable feature is its cleverly designed temperature control system that allows you to change the settings with a touch of a button. The best part about this model is that you can do so without removing it from the wall, which will make the whole process faster and less messy. The company has a wide selection of small refrigerators to choose from, so it’s easy to find the right one for your needs.


A mini fridge freezer combo can be a lifesaver for camping and short trips. They are portable, compact and easy to store in a camper trailer or car.

Dometic makes solid, durable RV refrigerators that are made to withstand the outdoors. They’re designed to keep your food and drinks fresh, and they can work with a variety of power sources, including battery or solar panels.

They also come with a few advanced features that aren’t available on other 12V coolers. For example, the CFX line offers an extended evaporator that helps distribute cool air throughout the interior compartment.

These dual-zone units are super efficient and they run on much less power than other models on our list. They can chill to -7 degrees and even have an ice maker.

Adventure Kings

For a modest budget price tag, the mini fridge freezer combo by Australian maker Adventure Kings is hard to beat. Not only is it an impressive looking unit, but it’s also the smallest and most efficient we’ve ever seen. It also has a clever design that keeps the contents of its single compartment fridge cool and crisp, even on the hottest of summer days. We’ve tested it against the competition and haven’t found a better quality model in our extensive testing.


Furrion is a lesser-known brand, but the company is a leader in making energy efficient and mostly eco-friendly products. They engage in carbon offsetting and other environmental initiatives to minimize their impact. Their products are also designed to support off-grid living and renewable energy systems.

The FCR43ACA-BL is a great option for a mini fridge freezer combo, as it offers 4.3 cubic feet of storage in a small space. It has a flat back design with reversible door hinges, adjustable legs and is ENERGY STAR rated. Its soft interior LED lighting helps to reduce noise, and it has a low-energy cooling system for off-grid living.

This mini fridge is great for camping, RVs and boating. It’s durable and has a 12 month warranty. It’s also engineered for vibration resistance. However, it lacks a door lock, so you might want to install one yourself. It’s relatively quiet at 43 dB, though it’s a little louder than some Liebherr models.

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