Moto E (4th Generation) – 16 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black – Prime Exclusive
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Moto E (4th Generation) - 16 GB - Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) - Black - Prime Exclusive

  • Pre-installed selection of Amazon apps, including the Amazon Widget, provide Prime members with easy access to daily deals, Prime movies and TV shows, Prime Music, Prime Photos storage, and more with a single sign-on experience

  • Fast 4G LTE speed, 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM with 16 GB internal memory and support for up to 128 GB microSD card

  • Brilliant 5” HD display with water-repellent screen

  • 5 MP front-facing camera and 8 MP rear-facing camera with flash

  • Fingerprint sensor that unlocks the phone

  • Enjoy the best of Android 7.1 Nougat

  • Unlocked for the freedom to choose your carrier. Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon networks. Sim card not included

Offer Type:Prime Exclusive



The new Moto E features a vibrant 5” HD screen designed to fit right in your hand. With its water-repellent coating, spills, splashes, or a little rain won’t get in your way. It takes beautiful sharp photos and selfies even in low light, with the 8 MP rear camera or the 5 MP selfie cam with an LED flash. It unlocks with your fingerprint. Moto E. Everything’s just right.

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Offer Type:Prime Exclusive



Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. Click here to make a request to customer service.

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February 6, 2018

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

This unlocked Moto E4 smartphone is very decent and relatively inexpensive with 16GB of memory and good features for the price. Unfortunately I was unable to find a functional aftermarket Micro SIM card to use it with my current Sprint service and as expected, Sprint Customer Service was of no help at all. I ended up returning the phone and just purchasing one outright from Sprint for about forty-dollars more. Its a great little phone for the price though, so hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did swapping or finding an aftermarket Micro Sim card for it or at least a service provider that is more accommodating than Sprint currently seems to be.

October 20, 2017

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

I do not recommend buying this phone. I bought this phone because the value (features/price) was amazing. Unfortunately, I have had to replace it under warranty twice, and am now submitting for another replacement (hopefully a different model).

Each time, the phone stops being able to make a cellular connection – no data, no calls, no texts. Recognizes the SIM card is there, but it might as well not be (switching SIM cards does not fix it). This is not a software issue, and each time Motorola has provided me with a brand new phone. Go to the Motorola site and you will see this is a common issue for this phone.

I believe it is due to the phone overheating or otherwise malfunctioning when it is in an area with poor service, as this is the only pattern that has developed thus far. My newest replacement only lasted TWO DAYS. Unless you can guarantee that you’ll always be in an area with good service, save yourself the hassle and get a different phone.

August 7, 2017

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

It is a good phone for people who do not demand too much on a device.

I really liked the fingerprint sensor, I can say that it unlocks the device quickly.

The flash and the front camera are good, though they do not take the best selfie.

The really bad is its main camera, although it is 8MP does not take the best photo, you have to be in a place with excellent light to have a decent photo. My iPad Mini (5MP camera) takes better photos.

Its 5-inch screen is excellent, you can use the equipment with one hand depending on what is going to be done.

I did not like having a single speaker, but it works great.

The cable to charge is very short.

Its battery is decent, in the personal use that I have given it, I can say that it has lasted me 24 hours since its last charge.

Worth buying: Yes.

January 29, 2018

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

Reality is, this is a great budget phone. Android is stable, charges a a decent speed. Best part? User replaceable and Swappable Battery. I get at least 1 day of moderate usage on a full charge – but not a power user or game player. Screen is bright for regular use, and sound is fairly decent. Bluetooth works awesome, and headphone port provides enough juice to listen to tunes or videos online, or my favorite items off my plex.tv server. Wireless is more than suitable for 99.9% of users. Only missing item I can tell is NFC support. But let’s not expect miracles for the price.

December 16, 2017

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

This is a great basic phone that is fairly fast. Not much else needs to be said about it. I have used it successfully in several countries, including in South Korea’s tricky and unique bandwidth.
The only cons would be the camera. Pretty terrible low-light performance for a smartphone released in 2017.

January 25, 2018

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

A surprisingly good smart phone for the price. Much faster than some dual sim Samsung I’ve tried in the past in the same price range. I needed another phone for work, and this was the cheapest option that met the requirements. My expectations were low, but this doesn’t seem much worse than my iPhone 6. There are some small annoyances, such as silly auto brightness, a goofy flashing boot up animation, and a screen so smooth it keeps falling off my desk if I put it screen down, but this is still a great bang for the buck.

February 2, 2018

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

No updates for critical vulnerabilities from 6+ months ago! Support is nil. It’s like Moto dropped support for G4s right after launch. App crashes. Battery takes half a day to recharge and holds about 4 hours of real use. It makes random sounds in the middle of the night but there is no event update to inform you what’s going on. Will never see android 8 even though it was supposed to. My 1st and last Moto phone.

January 10, 2018

Offer Type: Standard Version|Color: Black|Verified Purchase

First let me correct the information. I purchased “Moto E (4th Generation) – 16 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black” phone.
It works well and the person I bought the phone for likes it.