MS-C600W Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Room Lights for Greenhouse Plants Flowers and Hydroponics (600W)
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MS-D600W Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Room Lights for Greenhouse Plants Flowers and Hydroponics (600W)


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  • 1.MAXIMIZE PLANT GROWTH with our 600-watt Full Spectrum Grow Lights. With 2 easy-to-use push buttons, you can control vegetative and blooming cycles to promote stem elongation, seed germination and flowering.

  • 2.MIMICS THE SUNLIGHT via red, deep red, blue, UV, cold white, warm white and IR color bands. UV and IR functions are nearly indiscernible, sterilizing growth and killing bacteria without disrupting the growing cycle.

  • 3.CONVENIENTLY SIZED at 11.42” square and just 2.36” deep, our plant grow lights are ideal for small grow tents. Each fixture comes complete with a hanging kit, power cord and instructional user manual.

  • 4.LOW HEAT EMISSION helps you maintain your greenhouse or grow room at optimal temperatures for plant growth. This means less work for your ventilation system and lower electrical costs for your operation.

  • 5.50,000 HOUR LIFESPAN as a result of innovative resistance protection. This reduces current in the circuit to prevent excessive voltage. Daisy-chain connectivity of multiple units is fast and easy.

Boost your indoor growing

Light acts as food for your plant. Without it, even the best quality plants won’t thrive and produce buds. Our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights with 7color bands promote healthier, more resinous plants than fluorescents and High Intensity Discharge lights, without getting as hot or causing your electricity bill to skyrocket. By optimizing beam angle and light transmittance, light intensity produces abundant vegetables, buds and flowers.

High efficiency and optimal coverage

Unlike high-intensity discharge lights that put off immense heat and require special fixtures with ballasts, our LED full spectrum lights offer 600 watts of without overheating your grow room or needing repositioning.These greenhouse lights use only 120 watts of energy and have built-in cooling. They offer exceptional penetration so you can simply set them and forget them. With the included hanging kit and power cord, you can plug units into an outlet and suspend them above plants in minutes.

Specifications: – Wattage Rating: 600W – Actual Power: 120w – Input Voltage: AC100-256V – Frequency: 50~60Hz – Color Band: Red, Deep Red, Blue, UV, Cold White, Warm White, IR – Product Size:11.42*11.42*2.36in – Packing size:12.2*12.2*3.54in/1pcs – N.W:3.8Kg/pcs – G.W:4.8kg/pcs – Lifespan: 50,000 hrs Package includes: · 1 x Led Grow Light · 1 x Hang Kit · 1 x User Manual · 1 x Power Cord(US Standard) Grow Suggestions: Seedling:20″-28″ Growth:16″-20″ Bloom:10″-16″ Lighting Time: Veg: 18/6(on/off) or 20/4(on/off) Flower: 12/12(on/off)

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