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Northpoint Vintage Style Dusky Sky Hurricane Lantern with 12 LED’s and 150 Lumen Light Output and Dimmer switch, Battery Operated Hanging Lantern for Indoors and Outdoor Useage
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Northpoint Vintage Style Dusky Sky Hurricane Lantern with 12 LED's and 150 Lumen Light Output and Dimmer switch, Battery Operated Hanging Lantern for Indoors and Outdoor Useage


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  • 12 LED 150 LUMEN LIGHT OUTPUT : The Vintage Lantern by Northpoint comes with a light output of 150 Lumen, with 12 High Quality LED’s. With 150 Lumen light output be sure to have your path lit up with bright white light

  • BATTERY OPERATED : The item requires 2 D Batteries which are not provided with the product. Although extremely efficient, the battery life varies based on usage. Battery operated lanterns are more efficent, as there is no wiring required and you can take your lantern on the go, on treks and picnics

  • TABLE TOP AND HANGING LANTERN : The Northpoint Vintage Lantern has a hanging ring on the top which lets you hang your lantern anywhere you like. The preffered locations are in the backyard or patio, or in a tent while on a trek

  • DIMMER SWITCH : The Dimmer Knob is a great addition to the Lantern, it lets you control the amount of light output so the lantern can be used as a source of light on a dark path or a nightlight for the kids

  • NORTHPOINT VINTAGE COLLECTION : The Northpoint Brand currently displays products in 17 different colors. We work toward bringing beauty and minimalist design to add to your home décor. With a long lasting history in the market and a story behind every color, the Northpoint line stands out to all people who have a knack for decorating and all things artsy

Color:Dusky Sky

A handpicked collection of home lifestyle products, Northpoint has established an identity for style, substance and quality. A refreshing addition to the trend conscious homemaker’s chic yet ethnic functional decorations, the lineup includes vintage lanterns, led candles, motion sensor lights, weather station, clocks and humidiers to name a few.

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Color:Dusky Sky

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February 8, 2016

Color: Copper|Verified Purchase

I bought this to decorate with. It is very cute and by far the best priced one I could find. I don’t really plan on using it for a light source, but a decoration, but It still seemed to put out a decent amount of light. I have it on an end table in my living room. It works as a nice little lamp in the living room.

October 5, 2017

Color: Red|Verified Purchase

My niece gave us 2 of these for Christmas last year. Thankfully we’d not needed to use them, until this past month. Hurricane Irma came calling here in South-Central Florida. We had our oil lamps, we had big heavy camping lamps, we had our flashlights and we had these. Next to our flashlights, these were the most used.

They use D batteries, are dimmable (turn dial switch all the way to left to turn off -will hear and feel click-, turn it to right to turn on and decide how bright you want light), the light goes around the lamp 360, bright enough for us, and I didn’t have to worry about it. We had another one similar to this, but it has 1 tiny LED at the bottom. Not bright enough by any stretch of imagination, not dimmable and on/off switch is on the very bottom, so you had to fumble in dark.

Best Christmas present…ever! Bought 2 and sent home with another sister when they came up to check on us, they live in South Florida. Buying 2 more today, and will send some out as presents.

June 28, 2016

Color: Copper|Verified Purchase

It’s inexpensive, so don’t expect the materials to have sturdier or more durable properties. That being said, from the look you would not be able to tell that it’s cheap or light, and when it’s turned on it look very, very similar to real kerosene lamps. We love ours, and bought a WeatheRite outdoor and a large mounted rustic, as well (for comparison). The outdoor was similar, but when turned on, the LED looks very weird and inauthentic (like a kid’s toy) and the rustic outdoor is still sitting on a shelf d/t it needing to be wired (not advertised as such). So far, this was our happiest purchase out of the three.

February 9, 2017

Color: Copper|Verified Purchase

These are small decorative lanterns for me. They emit plenty of light and have a dial to adjust the lighting. I love that they are LED too! The only drawback is that they take 2 size D batteries.

October 30, 2017

Color: Red|Verified Purchase

Looks so Authentic.

review imagereview image
March 23, 2017

Color: Copper|Verified Purchase

These were bought as decorative accent lights for my sons Americana themed bedroom. They look great! My only issue is I am not a big fan of the bright white LED look and wish it were a little more natural looking. I do love that they can dim and brighten as desired though.

May 28, 2017

Color: Copper|Verified Purchase

cute light – lightweight and portable for both indoors and out. We love having these in case we have a power outage too! They look great on the porch at night

January 1, 2018

Color: Sunset Paradise|Verified Purchase

Thought this lantern would just be a “happy camper” party prop, but it’s so cute and sturdy for a small battery-operated lantern. We’ll be using it outside, just not leaving it out in the rain. My kiddos love to turn it on and take it into tents. Dimmer switch is nice and smooth. It a fairly bright cool white light. We might get another one for our patio. Might even work for camping/glamping.

review imagereview image


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