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Octoplus Box Samsung + LG with Optimus Cable Set (19 pcs.)
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Octoplus Box Samsung + LG with Optimus Cable Set (19 pcs.)

  • Octoplus Box Samsung + LG with Optimus Cable Set (19 pcs.)

Octoplus Samsung + LG allows you to perform Flash/Decode/Repair operations with Samsung & LG cell phones with Octoplus Box service tool. At the moment Octoplus is one of the most updatable and functional solutions available on the market. It features a wide range of service operations for most of Samsung & LG cell phones, has a multilingual software interface and lots of additional functions, available for various mobile operating systems.
Supports almost all 2011-2017 phone models.
Supported operating systems: Windows 7/8/10

Octoplus Samsung + LG – with Optimus Cable Set – Package Content:
Octoplus Box (without JTAG & eMMC functionality) with smart-card activated for Samsung + LG
Optimus cable set 19 pcs. (mixed Samsung and LG Cables):
Optimus Cable
Samsung E210 2-in-1
Samsung V804 / Z150 2-in-1
Samsung Micro UART C3303K (with 530K resistor)
LG 7050 cable
LG A2 cable
LG FOMA cable
LG KE500 cable
LG KF300 cable
LG KG190 cable
LG KG300 cable
LG KG800 cable
LG KH1200/2200 cable
LG KH4500 cable
LG KU 311 cable
LG Micro-UART cable
LG U81XX cable
LG U8XX cable
USB A-B cable
6 months (with 50 GB download limit) of FREE access to flash file download area at Boot-Loader V2.0

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