Organic Harvest Potting Mix Soil for Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers, 4 Quart (Packaging May Vary) (4 Bags)
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Organic Harvest Potting Mix Soil for Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers, 4 Quart (Packaging May Vary) (4 Bags)


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  • Organic Harvest Potting Mix Soil for Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers, 4 Quart (Packaging May Vary) (4 Bags)

  • ALL NATURAL: Made from Organic and Recycled ingredients

  • INGREDIENTS: Contains Peat Moss, Wood Shavings, Composted Green Waste and Perlite

  • CONVENIENCE: No need to remove weeds

  • SAFE: Does not contain human or animal waste

Size:4 Bags

This Potting soil mix is an environmentally friendly way to grow plants like flowers, herbs and vegetables in a pot or other durable container. Lightweight and porous, this soil facilitates excellent root penetration, air circulation and water drainage. Before planting, soak the plant’s root ball and also wet the soil in a bucket of water before putting it in the pot to prevent fast dry out.

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Size:4 Bags

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May 16, 2016

Size: 1 Bag|Verified Purchase

4 dry qts seems very little. Comes in this huge bag with barely anything in it. Also, all my plants died after repotting with this soil. There were all kinds of little fly bugs that weren’t there before and everything started rotting right after the replant. All I did was simply move my flowers into a new pot, keeping their existing soil and adding this in around the edges as a filler. no packing, no crushing. Same watering techniques i’ve used for weeks and now they’re all dead within two weeks. flys everywhere.

January 28, 2016

Size: 1 Bag|Verified Purchase

Small bag. Make sure you take note of the size before ordering. 4 quarts by volume = 1.68 lb on my digital scale. I bought it for seed starting so it’s plenty of soil for that purpose. Kind of pricey for the amount you’re getting, but hopefully the seeds will like it and get off to a good start.

April 27, 2016

Size: 2 Bags|Verified Purchase

A lot of people have complained about the size of these bags, but the size is advertised pretty clearly…you won’t be able to fill your flower beds with these two bags, but they’re perfect if you’re setting up seedling trays or a small potted plant. I didn’t want to have to lug around a giant bag of soil when I only needed a few quarts. It’s fairly high quality, though within a couple weeks I needed to start adding fertilizer to it because it had dried out a lot (even with regular watering).

It’s a little bit expensive for what you’re getting. but it’s organic and not made by a big national brand, so that’s to be expected. It smells a little funny, but I used it for indoor plants and as long as you’re not actively digging in it you really don’t notice the smell. Overall I’d recommend this to anyone who wants truly organic planting material and isn’t concerned about the small size or the price.

November 1, 2015

Size: 1 Bag|Verified Purchase

The addition of this small bag was a snack my indoor flowering plants needed. I have an incredibly bright and sunny living room. I’m able to grow prolific geraniums. But the soil was getting pretty compacted over the years. I didn’t want to do a major production ( no longer a kid) so I added some clean well broken egg shells, some used coffee grounds and topped it off with this fresh soil. I just used a fork to break the surface up a bit. Go gently around roots. These plants are happy as clams or healthy geraniums. Addendum: August 2, 2016, Further lightened the soil in those pots by adding approximately 1 cup of vermiculite to each and used fork to somewhat superficially stir in. I add a time release fertilizer every 4 mos; geraniums like a bit less than others .

December 5, 2015

Size: 1 Bag|Verified Purchase

Maybe it was a manufacturing defect, but what I received was about 2 cups of soil in a plastic package about 10x the size (mind you the same price as a large potting soil package at the local depot). Relied on this for critical transfer of seedlings so I had to scramble to order a substitution.

June 28, 2017

Size: 1 Bag|Verified Purchase

The soil was delivered very dry. I know, my own fault- I should’ve just gone to the store. I didn’t want to buy a large bag with fear of not using all of it but I ended up doing that anyway. I’d recommend going to the store for soil. Even target has it for $8 and was better quality than this.

February 7, 2018

Size: 1 Bag|Verified Purchase

Good determination. Tomato seeds in 50 and 60 degree weather inside home. Only thing with product is more debri needs to be sniffed better.

December 11, 2017

Size: 1 Bag|Verified Purchase

I haven’t used this yet, but I was expecting something a lot larger. It is essentially the size of a gallon-size ziploc bag.