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Osxcaues 2000 Watts (4000W peaking) Power Inverter 24V to 110V/120v, Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC to AC Converter 110 Volts AC Outlets and 1 USB Port Ap…
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Osxcaues 2000 Watts (4000W peaking) Power Inverter 24V to 110V/120v, Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC to AC Converter 110 Volts AC Outlets and 1 USB Port Approved Under ROHS FCC EMC

  • 2000Watt (4000W peaking) 24VDC to 120vac off-grid pure sine wave solar power Inverter , with LED displays.

  • All aluminum shell, good heat dissipation performance, surface hard oxidation treatment, good friction resistance, and can resist a certain external force of extrusion or impact.

  • Good safety performance: the product has short circuit, overload, over/under voltage, overtemperature five kinds of protection functions.

  • High conversion efficiency, fast startup, load adaptability and stability.

  • Meet the daily needs of home travel, office communication, leisure and entertainment.

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Osxcaues inverter is an off-grid pure sine wave solar inverter, which currently shows its sparking power of 2000Watt (4000W Peaking) of 24VDC to 120VAC.Its function is to convert the direct current into constant frequency constant voltage or frequency modulation voltage alternating current, composed of inverter bridge, control logic and filtering circuit, the use of all aluminum shell, surface hard oxidation treatment, with excellent heat dissipation and frictional resistance, can withstand a certain degree of external force extrusion and collision.Suitable for household appliances, office equipment, outdoor travel, the weight of only about 4kg, very portable, to meet the needs of daily life. Notes: 1. Please note that the positive and negative poles must be connected correctly and the DC voltage must be consistent. 2. The output power of the inverter must be greater than the use power of the electrical appliances, especially for the electrical appliances with high power when starting, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, but also to leave a larger margin.Therefore, you can contact the customer service to tell your needs before you buy, and the customer service will recommend appropriate products for you according to your needs. 3. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, wiped with dry cloth or anti-static cloth, be careful not to be exposed to rain or water, keep away from inflammable and explosive objects, do not place covered articles on the machine, and do not use in a high temperature environment (over 40℃). 4. The time interval between two power-on shall be no less than 5 seconds. Connect the input and output of the machine. 5. In order to avoid accidents, it is strictly prohibited for users to open the chassis for operation and use. In case of any malfunction of the machine, please stop operation and use immediately, cut off the input and output, and contact after-sales maintenance.

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