Parts of a Sun Joe Pole Saw

When your pole saw stops working, the first thing you need to do is check the condition of the Sun Joe pole saw motor. If your saw’s motor is a new one, you should not have any problem locating the Sun Joe parts you need. However, older models may have parts that no longer be produced by the company. In this case, you will have to shop for the replacement parts yourself.

sun joe pole saw parts

There are some basic parts that all sun powered saws share and which are easily interchangeable among different types of pole saws. These include the motor housing, the blade arm, as well as the wheels. The power cord, which plugs into an electric outlet, also makes connections between the saw and the power source. The electric products that come with sun powered saws are very similar to those that come with other electric tools.

One of the most common parts that goes bad in older electric saws is the blade. The arm on the saw can become jammed or bent out of shape because of damage to the wire. This can also occur if the wire is damaged and the metal shavings become caught under the wire. The resulting condition of the metal shavings inside the arm may cause the arm to bend at the joints and this will permit the shearing action necessary to cut branches and twigs.

Another part that wears out is the sun joe swj 800e telescoping pole saw’s trigger. This part lifts the blade to make it easier to slice branches and twigs. As the trigger moves, it pushes on a piston which pushes a pinion to a leaf guide spring that raises the blade. If the blade is lifted too high, the chance of the blade breaking near the end of its life is greatly increased. Replacement of the trigger will extend the life of the saw as well as improve cutting efficiency and avoid the possibility of the blade breaking when it is not being used.

When the old motor on the pole saw starts to wear out, the replacement of the drive mechanism usually involves two different parts. One of these is the tension adjustment cord which attaches to the top of the electrical motor. The other part is the tension adjustment screw which adjusts the tension on the tension adjustment spring. As the screw turns, the motor adds torque to the arm and swings it closer to the end of the blades. As the blade cuts into the wood, the arms are pushed down and the wood is pulled up.

A sun joe pole saw consists of two drive mechanisms that are attached to the pole saw blade and to a chain. The chain is tensioned by a lock washer that keeps the chain from being damaged in case of an overspeed occurrence. The automatic lubricant feature allows the machine to function without having to use an oil like material. As with all electrical equipment, the lubricant wears a hole in the bottom of the machine.

There are many jobs that the joer can be used for, but one of its most popular uses is tree trimming. Since it has a very long arm it can easily handle the job much larger than what the average home builder or homeowner would be able to do. The pole saw has a very sharp blade and is capable of cutting through many inches of thick branch or tree branches. The angle of the blade can be adjusted easily for the cut to be as straight as possible, or at a much less angle to make the cut go as smooth as possible. Most models come with an automatic lubricant feature that allows the blade to operate much more smoothly, reducing the chance of clogging.

The best part about the pole saw from Sun Joe is the fact that it is so light. Some types of chainsaws are not only extremely heavy but they can also be very difficult to use. A lightweight pole saw is much easier to lift and move around, making it much easier to use than chain saws that are extremely heavy. With all the versatility of the lightweight pole saw, it is definitely worth checking into.

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