Patio Paradise 24′ x 24′ Red Sun Shade Sail Rectangle Canopy – Permeable UV Block Fabric Durable Patio Outdoor – Customized Available
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Patio Paradise 24' x 24' Red Sun Shade Sail Rectangle Canopy - Permeable UV Block Fabric Durable Patio Outdoor - Customized Available


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Important: Our shade sails have curved sides to enhance pull strength and prevent drooping; this can add 1”-8” in side length. Middle-center of sail will be shorter in width due to curves. If straight sides are preferred please contact us. Read description for details

  • Ideal Shade Solutions – for your deck in backyard, pool and pond, pergola, sandbox, driveway or other outdoor area to protect against up to 95% harmful UV rays, and make your patio privacy safe, cool and fabulous

  • Includes one piece 24’x24′ (7Mx7.3M) AREA FIT red rectangle sun shade sail with curved sides, a 16 Feet PE rope, and an instruction sheet. The fabric is made by red fabric with white stripes to give it a AREA FIT red appearance (not solid).

  • Made of 100% brand new high-density Permeable UV Block Fabric 160GSM polyethylene knitted fabric material. Made so that no water is accumulated on top during rainfall, 0% recycled material,3 years warranty under normal usage and normal weather conditions.

  • Easy to Installation and Maintenance – with provided detailed instruction. Easy to clean with mild detergent and water, fade resistant, will not mold, mildew, stain, or tear.

Size:24′ x 24′



Patio Paradise Sun Shade Sail – Advanced Sun Shade Canopy

Patio Paradise sun shade sail could bring your outdoor spaces a totally different experience during the warm months of the year. Rather than hiding away during the best parts of the day, with our sail shade you can spend time out of doors enjoying the fine weather. The shade shelter provides 88% up to 95% UV block while allowing cooling air circulation. Heat and glare are significantly reduced so the shade sails can make you comfortable even in the hottest days.

Patio Paradise Shade Sails are Versatile

*Can be used to your patio, swimming pool area, gardens, children’s play areas, car spaces, or any other outdoor area
*Can easily shield your deck or patio from view and give you privacy from above
*Multiple colors and sizes for endless installation ideas to make your backyard unique and shady

Want customized size ? Call patio paradise now!

Call us on 909-364-8958 now to place order for a customize size as you like! The customize order will take 3-5 day longer to ship out, please note that our custom sun shade sails are made case-by-case and cannot be resold so please pick your size carefully.

Patio Paradise Only for Quality Sun Sails

*Constructed of HDPE material with UV-stabilized fabric for greater durability and protection
*Finished with strong stitched seam and durable stainless steel eyelets on each corner
*Breathable material design, allows cooling breezes and light to pass through for better airy and comfortable space
*3-year warranty,satisfaction guaranteed

Feel free to call us on 909-364-8958 or email on cservice@patio-paradise.com if you have any questions.

Product information

Size:24′ x 24′



Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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August 6, 2017

Size: 16′ x 16′|Color: Orange|Verified Purchase

I just got this a couple days ago. Installed yesterday and this morning it was ripped from what little wind we got last night and the ring separated. Very disappointed. We got two, one from another company and it did just fine.

June 14, 2017

Size: 10′ x 15′|Color: Red|Verified Purchase

I bought the 10′ x 15′ sail due to the low price. Had I purchased the exact size I wanted it would have been over $100 dollars more. I adjusted my poles for the larger size. The material is good and I like the red color. It really does provide great shade. I took my laser infrared thermometer and measured the deck that was shaded by the sail compared to decking in direct sunlight and was amazed by the temperature difference. The shaded deck was 91 degrees while the exposed deck was 164 degrees. Since the shade also blocks the sunlight streaming through the sliding glass door in the morning, it really keeps the interior room from also absorbing the summer heat. This definitely lowers my air conditioning usage.

The rope provided for the sail was too short and useless. The wall attachment hardware was a nice addition.

A lot of people will use 4″x4″ by 12 foot poles to secure the sail, I think I found a better way. I went to the local big box hardware store and purchased :

“1.5 in. x 1.5 in. x 7 ft. Heavy Duty Green Steel Fence T-Post” – used a sledge hammer to tap them into the ground by about a foot or until the fin was below ground

“1-1/2 in. EMT Conduit” 10 foot (pole). I slide the pole over the steel fence post and it was perfect.

I also drilled a hole though the pole ( at the top) for a stainless steel eye hook for the rope. I’ll attach photos.

September 30, 2017

Size: 12′ x 14′|Color: Beige|Verified Purchase

When my sun shade was first installed I was very happy with it, BUT after a few rainy days, (nothing very awful as far as a bad storm) the fabric began to sag. It really hasn’t returned to it’s original shape even tough it has dried out thoroughly many times since it has rained. I am dissatisfied with fabric performance, but since we are already into the Fall season, I will wait until next Spring to replace with another brand of sun shade since it is a great concept, and it will give me back my outdoor space which had become too uncomfortable when it was very sunny.

August 23, 2017

Size: 18′ x 18′|Color: Beige|Verified Purchase

Not recommended, it’s poor quality, has an ugly and weak seam right down the middle on the (18×18). Spend a bit more and get something better.

May 17, 2017

Size: 12′ x 16′|Color: Brown|Verified Purchase

This Shade is nice and well made but the first moderate to heavy wind or rain will stretch this shade out I’m talking droopy sad looking stretched out. We have had to reposition the corners many Times. It was great until then I even purchased a smaller one for my kids sand box but I won’t buy this brand again. My best advice is to get one at least a foot smaller on each side then what you actually need.

July 7, 2017

Size: 12′ x 16′|Color: Dark Green|Verified Purchase

 Studies have shown that Vitamin D is very important and the best source of Vitamin D is the sun. The manufacturers of this product have taken that to heart and developed a sun shade that will give you maximum exposure to the sun after just a very brief break-in period. I myself mistakenly thought I wanted sweet, cooling shade and was unaware of the benefits of full sun exposure until I purchased this product. But in just 3 short months, my family and I have started receiving the intense benefits of very hot, vitamin enriched sunshine that we all need.

You see, this product has been ingeniously designed to provide a transition period from the filtered shade that you think you desire to UV filled rays of sunshine that you are really searching for. After spending more money than the shade itself costs in hardware to attach the shade and hours wasted fighting and erecting this sail that stretches way beyond its stated measurements, you are now in the right frame of mind to accept your error in believing constant sun exposure for you and your children is bad. This transition will culminate on a very bright, hot, sunny day with no wind to speak of. There you will notice in your backyard this shade sail laying on the ground with one of the ropes strategically sundered (I have attached a picture to help you identify this). Unable to be repaired and not worth the effort it takes to fight a new one back in place for just 3 months of skin paling shade, you are now in a position to accept the full benefits of the sun and chalk up all of that money you have wasted as a learning experience.

But wait. I haven’t told you about the most amazing part. The engineers of the product are very environmentally sensitive. The have somehow managed to craft a very, very cheap product that is also biodegradable! I know it’s hard to believe but this product has been designed to fall apart and decompose at an incredible rate. Take a look at the pictures. You can see the metal D-ring is already exhibiting a tremendous amount of rust. In no time it will have been completely consumed by mother nature. But what is really extraordinary is the cloth itself. You can see in the video how, with no effort at all, I am able to push a finger right through the fabric. It almost disintegrates on contact. Why at that rate it will be nothing but dust in just a short while. Returned to the Earth. This is truly the Greenest product there is.

Oh, one more thing. You may have read some other reviews that talk about how great this product is at providing shade. Don’t be deceived. They are fake reviewers who have not purchased this sun shade and are trying to mislead you about the benefits of smothering shade over life giving sunshine. The other reviewers who have purchased this shade cloth have written their reviews way too soon. They have not yet been introduced to the best qualities of this product and the inevitable sunshine they will be enjoying for years to come.

March 13, 2017

Size: 16′ x 20′|Color: Light Grey|Verified Purchase

Bought this to cover a 16×20 deck. Didn’t realize I should have bought it slightly smaller but will still make it work.
Color is exactly as pictured, and eye hooks, d rings, and some rope were included with the sail. You can’t really beat it for the price. I will update
my review with pictures when it’s installed.

Highly recommend this product. Thanks.

April 20, 2017

Size: 12′ x 12′|Color: Beige|Verified Purchase

Hate to say it but this sun shade was torn up by the wind in less than a week. It looked good and comes well equipped but I’m back to where I started but $35 lighter…