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Paxcess 3000PSI Max Pressure Washer, Electric Power Washer with 26ft Sturdy Hose, Adjustable Nozzle, Build-in Detergent Tank, Metal Connector for Car/…
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Paxcess 3000PSI Max Pressure Washer, Electric Power Washer with 26ft Sturdy Hose, Adjustable Nozzle, Build-in Detergent Tank, Metal Connector for Car/Driveway/Patio Furniture Cleaning

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  • 【Adjustable Pressure】An adjustable nozzle is usually more than sufficient for casual use; Compare to other interchangeable spray tips, Paxcess all-in-one adjustable nozzle is easier to controls water pressure to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks, easily switch between high pressure, low pressure and detergent mode by adjusting the metal spray wand

  • 【Expand the Versatility】Connect to tap for water sucking or suck automatically, allows you to take water from a static water source, great for patio furniture, garbage cans, pet cages, lawn mowers, outdoor equipment and much more

  • 【Safety and Intelligent Technology】Total stop system automatically shuts off pump when the trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life, Leakproof connections professional grade brass garden hose connector bring the best experience to you

  • 【On-Board Hose Reel】A 26ft high pressure hose is long enough for the projects you need it for, the built in on-board hose reel to conveniently protect and helps prevent kinks in the high-presure hose and makes winding or unwinding a simple task

  • 【3000 PSI Max High Pressure Washer】The electric pressure washer machine is all built with quality and has a high-power pump which up to 3000 PSI max, 2.5 GPM max water flow, making this power washer possible to quickly wash your car or anything else for that matter.

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Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2021

Size: 3000PSIVerified Purchase

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3.0 out of 5 stars

I experienced a number of issues with this product and it leaves room for improvement

By ajk388 on May 26, 2021

There are a number of issues that I encountered with this product.

1. It is listed as a 3000PSI, 1.76 GPM pressure washer. However, as shown in my photo, the specs state it is rated as a 2,150 PSI, and 1.76 GPM pressure washer. So the rated capacity is less than you would expect.

2. It says it “allows you to take water from a static waster source.” This is wrong. I tried, even with a really short 5’ hose, it has no suction ability. In addition, the instruction manual clearly states it requires 3 bar of water pressure at the tap to operate. 3 bar is 43 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is higher than the pressure if a typical car tire. Do not buy this expecting to pump water from a bucket as pictured, it WILL NOT WORK.

3. The instruction manual is impossible to understand and very poorly written. I included a picture of one page of the instructions. One example “if the machine runs normally,water inlet may be the problem, no water inlet, or water inlet is not strong.”
And on that note, see my comment #2, above.

4. It is pretty easy to assemble. Just toss the instructions in the round bin and look at the photo of the assembled product and you should be good to go. Just don’t look at the photo that came with it, because the hose reel is installed on the wrong side of the washer in the product photo. Use the photo from amazon as a reference.

5. The product has in large print “KEEP DRY” printed across the top. When I first took it out brand new, water came out of the hose and got on my carpet. I’d like to assume this means someone forgot to dry it out after testing for quality assurance at the factory.

6. It’s really loud. I’d say about equal to a lawnmower. The sound shuts off when not in use, even if it’s powered on.

7. Note, it doesn’t come with a hose to hook it up to a water outlet. You need two hoses, the hose on the reel, plus a hose to a water tap. You need to supply your own hose for the water tap. You can use a garden hose to hook it up.

8. The holster for the spray gun is worthless. The gun is about 10 inches longer than the machine, so it just whacks the ground as you go.

On the plus side, it otherwise works as intended. It comes with pretty long AC power cable, and the hose is stiff so it doesn’t kink very easily. I used it to clean out my shower and bathtub last weekend and it did a pretty good job. I just had to run a hose from outside into my bathroom window.

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