Pool Mate 1-1702SPA-12 Spa Shock Oxidizer, 2 Pounds (12 Pack)
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Pool Mate 1-1702SPA-12 Spa Shock Oxidizer, 2 Pounds (12 Pack)


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  • Quickly Oxidizes Contaminants In Your Spa Or Hot Tub

  • Enhances The Sanitizing Effectiveness Of Chlorine And Bromine

  • Removes Chloramines And Bromamines That Cause Chlorine Odor

  • Non-Chlorine Shock

  • 1 Capful Per 375 Gallons

Size:12 Pack

Pool Mate Spa Shock Oxidizer oxidizes organic contaminants such as ammonia, perspiration, and suntan lotion. This Shock Oxidizer also removes chloramines and bromamines which cause “chlorine odor” and enhance the sanitizing effectiveness of chlorine and bromine by reducing the formation of new chloramines and bromamines. This product is a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer. When used regularly, it will eliminate organic contaminants and keep spa water crystal clear. This product will not raise chlorine levels or produce combined chlorine or chloramines which can cause chlorine odor and eye irritation.

Add 1 capful of product per 375 gallons of water every week or more often if bathing load is heavy. Sprinkle product over the spa water surface while the pump is circulating. Allow product to fully circulate in the spa water before using the spa.

Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal. Keep product in a tightly closed container when not in use. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from heat or open flame. In case of decomposition, isolate the package if possible, and flood with large amounts of water to dissolve all material before discarding. Do not reuse empty package. Wrap the empty package and place in trash collection.

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Size:12 Pack

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