Quictent Silvox 8×8′ EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent Instant Canopy With Carry bag 100% Waterproof-7 Colors (brown)
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Quictent Silvox 8x8' EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent Instant Canopy With Carry bag 100% Waterproof-7 Colors (brown)


  • to make sure this fits.

  • The fabric cover of Quictent Privacy® Series use the core technology of Quictent Silvox®. Silvox® adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford.Silvox® fabric is the only fabric that can ensure you 100% waterproof,and it is aslo UV-resistance to some extent.This technology is owned and registered by Quictent.

  • Our canopy frame is made from Heavy Duty Power-Coated Rust Resistant Steel Frame. All the joints are made of welded steel metal, and connecting nuts and bolts are heavy-duty commercial grade. All metal ends are covered with molded plastic caps.

  • 2 plain walls & 2 wall with middle zipper door, all walls are made of 420D polyester fabric, all walls are zipper end, side Velcro straps to attach to frame leg, and full long Velcro to attach to top;

  • This heavy duty commercial grade, 600D, Silver coated polyester is water proof and UV protected. All four corners are reinforced with additional patches. Special silver powder coated treatment make the polyester fabric waterproof and resists rot, mildew and fading

  • Ships the same day and usually received in 2-5 days. It is very easy to set up. No loose parts, No tool needed.


Quictent® is one of the top brands who sell quality structures like marquees, gazebos, camping tents etc. Quictent has been doing tents business since early 21st century. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will give you prompt reply! Your satisfaction is our goal!

The Second generation of Quictent ® has many new designs that make the tent more fashion and more stable:
1.Compared with the first generation product, the second generation product upgrades to 600D Silver coated polyester. It really achieves 100% waterproof and 100% UV protection.
2. All tubes upgrade to 1mm compared with 0.8mm of first generation product . The exceptionally strong frame pop-up canopy is simple to erect in minutes and very compact in its folded state. This canopy equipped with a high quality powder coated steel frame, connector and foot base which has higher strength and is suited for four seasons.

Size (LxWxH): 98’x98”x100.39” (to peak), 82.67”( to side)
Frame Material: Steel frame w/steel connector, steel foot base
Cover Fabric: 600D Polyester, Silver coated, Water Proof, UV Protection
Sidewall Fabric: 4 pics, 249x205cm/each, 600D Polyester, Silver coated, Water Proof, UV Protection
Leg Flap: 600D Polyester, Silver coated, Water Proof, UV Protection, Fire Retardant
Sidewalls: 4 pieces, 6.2ft × 10ft
Package 1 carton box
Shipping Weight 45lb
Heavy duty cross truss roof design
Set up in seconds, no asembly required
ISO 9001:2000 standard certified manufacturer

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Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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May 22, 2016

Color: White|Verified Purchase

I read all of the reviews- I have had it up for 3.5 weeks- it took me a moment to realize how to properly put it up- I did bend one leg just enough so that the leg didn’t stay- even without it staying I was fine with the stability w a little reinforcing but my husband was able to fix it – I’m using it on my balcony as a protected play space for the kids- this thing is awesome already have had 3 people ordering- I will likely get another- because I bent it I’m not sure I will be able to take down and put back up but I knew that when I was excited and rushing to out it up- have two people and go slowly follow directions step by step- doesn’t take long and worth it!

review imagereview image
October 23, 2017

Color: RED1|Verified Purchase

My shelter was damaged during shipment. The Seller, Brandline, provided TOP NOTCH customer service by replacing the damaged product in a very short turnaround time. Green, from Brandline, was very professional and extremely helpful!! The new shelter, as I’ve noted, arrived promptly, It was easy to setup and the structure looked sturdy. We can’t wait to use it at our tailgating party next week. With all the new regulations on tailgating, the 9×9 shelter with walls and doors will certainly be handy in rain or shine. I would strongly recommend this item and would definitely purchase from this seller again!

July 9, 2016

Color: Green|Verified Purchase

The tent is not the greatest but I didn’t expect something amazing at this price. The first couple of times I put the tent up everything was great but now there are problems. The cover isn’t very tight anymore and the carry bag has ripped it so many places it’s useless. Also the different places where there is stitching is starting to stretch and fray so it’s no longer waterproof. I was only using this tent once a week at a farmers market but now its useless. Lasted a little over a month. I only used it 5 times. Very disappointed.

March 26, 2015

Color: White|Verified Purchase

This has been the best thing about the Winter of 2015. We set up the tent right next to a slider door on our deck…bolted down securely. The tent provided a dry space and “walkport” for accessing the car from the driveway. It made it safe and easy to get my Mom (88) in and out with less fuss. Snow build up on top of the tent was easily cleared in a matter of minutes (usually less than three) by pushing roof upwards with a plastic rake with a few quick swipes. I just went out every few hours. Nothing warped, broke or tore & this Winter provided some very horrendous conditions. We will enjoy this tent as Summer approaches as an outdoor cafe of sorts. Recommend this product wholeheartedly.

August 20, 2016

Color: Light Blue|Verified Purchase

Be really careful setting this thing up for the first time! I didn’t realize that 2 of the metal bars had been installed incorrectly by the manufacturer, when I went to set it up it didn’t want to go up so I forced it a bit and broke 3 pieces. Once I realized it was put together wrong by the manufacturer I got out my tools and took the pieces apart and put them back together correctly. Once I did that it went up no problem but now it looks bad with some of the metal bars hanging down from being snapped. It is functional, I can make it work for now. Just make sure you pay close attention, if any of the “arms” are sticking out backwards, you’ll need to get your tools and flip them around before you try to put this up. Very sad about it. 🙁

September 14, 2015

Color: Green|Verified Purchase

I think this is the first purchase from amazon that I’m not thrilled about, Frame is flimsy especially the top/roof supports. Corners will not stay tight, Zipper seems extremly cheap and the canopy is riddled with what I’m calling manufactuing defects where it looks or appears that the canopy and side walls have tear’s starting or score marks that will tear. One I bought last year has velcro the full length of the side walls and really attaches firmly. This one doesn’t even come close to comparing with that one

December 5, 2017

Color: Green|Verified Purchase

I say this initially, but it could change, but it also could be my fault. We bought this to put over our hot tub for the winter (NH) and so far it has been great. We have had some pretty heavy wind gust up to 40mph and it is still there and looking good. Our goal is to leave it up for the winter, but if we get a really bad storm we will take the top and sides off. I screwed it down to my deck. So we shall see. But so far we love it. Just can never 100% decide if we should leave the sides on when windy or take them off. We have left them on as when they were off, it looked like it would fly away. We also put insulation under our deck to prevent wind coming up from below.

September 29, 2017

Color: Beige|Verified Purchase

We have had our pop up for a few months now and it is a really good pop up. Its sturdy. It was easy to put together. We have not had a problem with it yet. It has been through a few rains and we live under some really big redwoods that drop a lot of stuff, including branches and it has held up to it all.
I would definitely buy another one if we need to in the future!