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Red Rocket Crape Myrtle
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Red Rocket Crape Myrtle


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  • Grows 20-30 ft. tall by 15-20 ft.wide

  • Botanical name is Lagerstroemia indica ‘Red Rocket’

Size:5-6 ft.

– bright red blooms that last or months!- one tough tree- resists disease, insects, and even mildew- instantly adds rare color to your landscape- etremely cold hardy- zones 6-9″True Red” Blooms are Rare on Trees, So It’s Kind o a Big DealThis is the astest way to get incredible, bright-red blooms in your yard. Just like the name says, this crape myrtle shoots up like a rocket- some growers have reported up to 5 eet o growth in one year! These are ast growing trees that give you amazing red blooms that last or months.Vibrant Color that Lasts 110 DaysFrom late spring to early all, your yard will be dazzled with ruby red clusters o lowers. The Red Rocket also produces unique all oliage, making it an attractive tree all year long. Fast Growing but Compact, so it Fits Almost AnywhereThriving in growing zones 6-9, this stunning tree can grow to be 20-30 t. high and 15-20 t. wide. Like other crape myrtles, the Red Rocket loves to be in the sun and well-drained soil. This lowering tree is deer resistant and drought tolerant, making it etremely easy to grow. Use the Red Rocket Crape Myrtle as a centerpiece in a garden or lower bed, plant several in a row along your driveway, or use it in a mied border. Looks Great as a Flowering Privacy ScreenRed Rocket crape myrtles are very attractive when planted in rows. You see them oten used lining property, as a privacy screen, or planted along a driveway. When in ull bloom, it looks like the trees are on ire!Very Cold Hardy- All the Way to Zone 6!These trees are very cold hardy, surviving in northern areas that others cannot. In act, this is the most cold-hardy red crape myrtle you’ll ind! Thrives in growing zones 6-9.

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Size:5-6 ft.

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