Refrigerator Side Cabinet Ideas

refrigerator side cabinet ideas

A refrigerator side shelf is an easy way to free up counter space while doubling as extra storage. The side shelf can be either magnetic or a fixed size that measures 30 by 70 inches. It can be used for a variety of purposes and comes with several unique options, including built-in night tables. You can also make your refrigerator side cabinet ideas unique by adding an additional shelf below the door.

Storage racks

If you want to free up counter space, you can install a refrigerator side shelf. These magnetic shelves are approximately 30 by 70 inches, and double as storage space. These shelves are ideal for storing daily essentials, such as bottles and cans, and can save you valuable counter space. They are also magnetic, which makes them easily removable.

Filler strips

If you’re not satisfied with the look of your current refrigerator side cabinet, you can easily add a new one with a little creativity. For starters, consider installing a filler strip. This will prevent the gap on one side of the cabinet from being wider than the other side. Filler strips can be purchased from home improvement stores in primed and finished forms. Once you’ve purchased the filler strips, you need to measure the gaps between the existing cabinet and the new filler strip. Then, you can cut the strips to the appropriate height and angle for the cabinet.

In addition to filler strips, you can also use a face frame to complete the look. This is a thin wood piece that runs between the side panel and the interior of the cabinet. It’s typically made of the same material as the cabinet doors and finished using the same techniques. It covers any gaps between the two pieces and often is scribed to help fill any irregularities in the cabinet.

Magnetic fridges

If you have a fridge and are looking for a new side cabinet, magnetic refrigerator side cabinet ideas are a great option. You can buy refrigerator side cabinets that look like stainless steel and use magnets to keep your food fresh. You can also paint them using a magnetic primer. Just make sure you take a magnet with you when you shop.

Before you choose a magnetic shelf for your refrigerator, it’s important to check its quality and durability. You should purchase one that’s durable and easy to clean. You should also consider its safety. This is important for the safety of your family. You don’t want to be using a magnetic shelf that won’t last long or be easily damaged if you drop it.

If you have an empty side cabinet, a Yamazaki magnetic organizer would be the perfect solution. This four-tiered rack can hold all of your kitchen essentials, such as the paper towel roll and dish towels. It also features small hooks for your kitchen tools. This is an inexpensive, easy to install solution and won’t cost you a fortune.

Built-in night table

If you want a built-in night table in your kitchen, the side cabinet of your refrigerator may be the perfect fit. These cabinets have plenty of storage space and can double as end tables or nightstands. There are some great designs available for your kitchen. You may want to choose one with built-in drawers that can hold bottles of milk or other beverages, or one with an open compartment that you can use for glasses and other items.

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