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Royal Paulownia- Empress Tree- 35 Seeds
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Royal Paulownia- Empress Tree- 35 Seeds


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Hardy zones 4-9

  • Up to 40′ tall, space 20 ft. apart

  • blooms light purple flower in late spring/summer

  • quick growing tree

  • sow seeds 1/4″ deep

Paulownia (Latin name: Paulownia.), alias: p.fortunei Paulownia, Paulownia fruit, air etc.. Bark gray, gray brown or gray, smooth when young, old fracture. Fake two fork branches. Leaves simple, opposite, large leaves, ovate, entire or lobed, with long handle, fluffy handle. Like light, more resistant to yin. Like warm climate, cold resistance is not strong. Paulownia species are native to Chinese, has long been introduced to Vietnam, Japan, and asia. Has been distributed to the whole world

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