Ruvati RVH8300 Undermount Ledge 16 Gauge 32″ Kitchen Sink Single Bowl
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Ruvati RVH8300 Undermount Ledge 16 Gauge 32″ Kitchen Sink Single Bowl


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  • WORKSTATION sink with single-tier track – Overhanging lips on the front and back act as a track for sliding the built-in accessories | Includes solid wood CUTTING BOARD, deep STAINLESS STEEL COLANDER, and dish-drying roll-up rack that slide on the ledges converting your sink to a workspace

  • 16 GAUGE Premium T-304 Grade Stainless Steel (18/10 Chromium/Nickel) will never rust or stain | Commercial grade BRUSHED FINISH – Easy to clean and long-lasting. Unlike satin finish, our brushed-finish hides scratches and matches well with your kitchen appliances

  • Heavy duty SOUND GUARD UNDERCOATING and THICK RUBBER PADDING to minimize noise and reduce condensation | Sloped bottom with grooves to allow complete water drainage | | zEDGE zero Radius – sharp inside corners for a resolutely modern look

  • Exterior dimensions: 32″ (wide) x 19″ (front-to-back) | Interior bowl dimension: 30-1/2″ (wide) x 16″ (front-to-back) x 10″ (bowl depth) | Standard 3.5″ drain openings will fit any garbage disposal unit

  • Included in box: Sink, Cutting Board, Bottom Rinse Grid, Basket Strainer Drain, Cutout Template, Mounting Clips and Installation Guide | Limited Lifetime Warranty – Ruvati USA

Size:32 x 19 inch

Ruvati is one of the premier names in kitchen sinks. With manufacturing and distribution facilities in US, Europe and Asia, the Ruvati name is synonymous with exceptional quality products and outstanding customer service. This Ruvati Workstation sink from the Roma series is more than just a sink: it’s a practical solution that speaks to your inner chef! It features built-in accessories that slide on the integrated tracks. Includes a deep stainless steel colander that you can use as strainer. The solid cutting board is constructed of Sapele wood – a luxurious hardwood that has a beautiful finish and handles water well. The roll-up rack fits on the top track and is ideal as a dish drying rack. It is constructed of stainless steel bars and a flexible silicone frame allowing you to fold it or roll it up tightly for storage. The sink is constructed from 16 gauge steel, one of the thickest available for residential kitchens. Ruvati uses T-304 grade stainless steel with a 18:10 Nickel:Chromium content ensuring that your sink is completely resistant to rusting. Thick heavy-duty soundguard coating and thick rubber padding on the outside of the sink bowl on all sides provide sound insulation against noise and thermal insulation against condensation. The inside of the sink is finished in commercial grade brushed finish which adds to the beauty of the sink. The slanted bottom of the sink and the drain grooves channel water towards the drain. The sink comes with bottom rinse grid that protect the sink from scratches. Square bowls and ZERO radius sharp inside corners give your sink a resolutely modern look. Exterior dimensions: 32″ (wide) x 19″ (front-to-back). Interior bowl dimension: 30-1/2″ (wide) x 16″ (front-to-back). Bowl Depth: 10″. Standard 3.5″ drain opening will fit any garbage disposal unit. Included in box: Sink, Cutting Board, Colander, Roll-up rack, bottom rinse grid, basket strainer drain, cut-out template, mounting brackets. Ruvati USA Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Size:32 x 19 inch

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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September 30, 2016

Size: 32 x 19 inch|Verified Purchase

We had a ceramic sink before and was planning to replace with stainless steel thick walled sink, and I am happy that I selected this. I have owned this sink for 3 months and absolutely love it Compared any other similar products i have researched, this stands for best quality. I have been expecting usual issues like rust, de-color, scratches etc. due to my heavy usage. We cook and clean 2 times a day. I would consider mine as heavy usage. Even with heavy use It still looks like new! Very very nicely designed product, with Overhanging lips on the front and back helping to keep my cutting board out of counter top saving some real estate in my small kitchen, It looks premium with sharp edges, and Luxurious Satin finish.
Great value for money.

Here is a detailed look at the pros and cons:
Mounting: Under-mounting
Pros: Great durability, easy cleaning, thick gauge (low sound), Looks great, enough space for big pots & pans, great rinse grid
Cons: Sink base taper angle is very low resulting in extra work to push solids down the drain, the cutting board is not a great quality looks old within days of use,

Conclusion: I highly recommend this product if you are looking for premium looking, durable sink. Locally I have shopped around similar kind of products. The cost would be a minimum of $600 without rinse grid, cutting board, strainers and colander. I would have rated 5, if sink base taper angle was more.

Ruvati RVH8300 Undermount Ledge 16 Gauge 32″ Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

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May 13, 2015

Size: 32 x 19 inch|Verified Purchase

I love this sink!!!!! We recently completely remodeled our kitchen. I have 4 kids and we are in the kitchen ALL THE TIME. All I knew was that I wanted a deep modern sink, so when I saw the Ruvati with the cutting board and strainer I was super excited. I could have gotten your basic stainless (not very deep) undermount sink for $100 from my granite guy, but when you use your kitchen like I do, there’s dishes in the sink all the time so it’s nice to not see them if i didnt have time to wash them right away. Also, its great for filling large pots, but what I love most is the sliding cutting board and strainer, its so great to cut all my fruits and vegis right there and not make such a huge mess. Now the only thing I could possibly complain about is that the sink doesn’t seem to angle down towards the drain, its flat. So its kind of a pain to push any food that falls into the sink towards the garbage disposal. Maybe if my faucet had better pressure it would be easier. I don’t know if thats just how all sinks like this are, so it’s not that big of a deal, but if I have to complain, thats the only thing I would complain about. After spending thousands and thousands on this remodel, the $500 I spent on this great sink was well worth the money. 🙂

review imagereview image

September 21, 2017

Size: 32 x 19 inch|Verified Purchase

We built a new home and knew that we did not a want a run of the mill sink that you could just pick up from the hardware store. So after alot of research we found this gem. It’s HUGE, well built and with all the extra features it is a MUST BUY. I cook 3 meals a day so with the big basin I am able to get all my sheet pans, cast iron pans, cutting boards, bowls you name it they all fit with room to spare. I love the “colander” as I can just throw my fruits and veggies in there rinse them off and chop them right at the sink. No more mess all over the counter. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is in need of purchasing a sink.

October 31, 2017

Size: 32 x 19 inch|Verified Purchase

I love my new sink. It was worth every dollar I spend on it. First of all it came perfectly packed to avoid any damage during transit. Each piece was packed in a separate box to avoid damage.It arrive soon, and in perfect condition.
My husband install it himself (he is not a contractor,and has very basic knowledge of construction), and he said it was super easy to install.
The best part is that this think make my kitchen look beautiful, as one of those kitchen you find on pinterest lol. Every person who come to my house is amazed by how big and stylish it is.
The accessories are a great addition. They are not only high quality, but very useful. I have a butcher block as counter, so basically I do not want to use it. and the cutting board and colander allows me to do everything on top of the think without dander of staining my counter.
I truly recommend this item. I will give it 10 starts if I could. I am a truly satisfy customer.

November 21, 2017

Size: 32 x 19 inch|Verified Purchase

LOVE LOVE LOVE this sink! Frankly, I’d never heard of Ruvati before this purchase (though, this being my first home and first MAJOR reno, I hadn’t heard of a lot of brands I ended up using). I knew I wanted a 16-gauge stainless steel sink, with a “lip” so a cutting board could fit in. Of all the ones I researched — a LOT — this was the only one that ticked the boxes of great price point, great reviews, and great quality (not to mention all the awesome add-ons you get, like the sink-bottom grate, vegetable catcher for the drain, cutting board and utensil basket. After a 4+ month gut renovation, our condo is finally done. We splurged on getting a waterfall with our quartz countertop, which looks awesome. And this sink looks phenomenal undermounted to the countertop. We also got a Ruvati commercial-style faucet to go with it: Ruvati RVF1216ST Commercial Style Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel. They look like something out of a magazine, and function great. No complaints whatsoever.

June 30, 2017

Size: 32 x 19 inch|Verified Purchase

This sink is everything and more. It is large, deep and gorgeous. Solid. Fantastic craftsmanship. Even the packaging, it came in a large, black velvet-like bag similar to what a great pair of Louboutins would come in, I loved it. And the accessories are just exceptional. This sink gives your kitchen an immediate professional facelift. I would absolutely recommend.


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