Sauna Heaters For The Maxxus 2 Person

Maxxus 2 person sauna benches are the best way to take advantage of the Maxxus sauna experience. With a Maxxus 2 person unit you get all the benefits of a standard sauna but in a smaller and more convenient version for use in your home. The most benefit is of course the convenience of use. You can easily take advantage of the sauna and not have to head back out into the cold. It is a great way to detox the body and start to feel healthier and happier.

maxxus 2 person sauna

Maxxus Saunas provide health benefits and long life to your home at an affordable price-effectively. Modern science and energy efficiency of low infrared radiant heat systems allow efficient deep penetrating far infrared rays to eliminate body toxins, increase circulation, ease joint pain, burn calories and enhance skin tone among many other advantages. In addition, it also heats effectively and maintains a constant temperature of nearly 150 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it easy to use. Most models come with a dual controls and include an integrated humidistat for added humidity control.

Maxxus 2 person Sauna Enclosure with humidistat is available in a wide variety of colors to blend with any decor. It is made of durable heavy duty steel that is very easy to clean and maintain. It has two pieces that hold the main body and there are dedicated 15 amp power sauna plugs included. This provides sufficient power to run both the sauna controls plus the humidistat. These units are perfect for indoor location including in a home gym as well.

The front panel contains all the controls and dials for use in a sauna session including humidity, heat, timer and two favorites music options. Two built in time functions allow users to set custom times for their saunas by date and time. An LED display featuring accurate sauna timer and heat level indicators will help to monitor session time and maintain accurate heat setting. The built in digital humidistat controls the system for providing fans, heated floors and other humidity controlled environment. The remote control comes with two favorite music options, a forward and reverse feature allowing you to start with one, and switch to the other quickly when you are ready to leave the room.

The Maxxus 2 person sauna includes a separate light for use during the sauna session. There is also a dimmer switch on the remote control for controlling the lighting of the sauna. The sauna has dual fans and a built in thermostat ensures that the sauna remains at the right temperature and is not too hot or too cold. Some models of this unit include a bottom panel that allows a person to remove the dirt and dust from the bottom of the unit easily.

The Maxxus 2 person sauna comes standard with a remote control with two favorites selections for heating/cooling. The thermostat allows a user to set a timer for each of the two functions and has an automatic cut off feature so that it does not run unnecessarily. This makes it ideal for individuals who wish to exercise but do not want to be bothered with resetting the unit every few minutes. The built in humidity control allows the sauna to stay at a comfortable temperature which in turn means it will not take longer to dry out the body and avoid the feeling of sweating.

The built in infrared sauna includes a built in carbon pan for heating. The infrared rays penetrate deep into the muscle tissues resulting in greater heat retention. The infrared can also penetrate the skin and raise the circulation rate. The result is that a person can remain in the sauna for a much longer time due to the increase in blood flow. This increased circulation can make it easier for a person’s muscles to relax and ease the stress of the day. The maxxus 2 person near zero emf far infrared carbon canadian hemlock hepa ceramic disc offers better results than other models when it comes to heating.

The remote control has two time functions, one to heat up the sauna and one to regulate the sauna temperature. The remote control has four programmable buttons and has the power switch along with the time function. Other features on this unit include a humidifier for added moisture content, two fans, and dual 120v AC power options. These features make the maxxus 2 person infrared wood boiler a better choice for those looking for an affordable unit with all the features desired in one unit.

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