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#1: ScoopFree Premium Crystal Litter 2-Pack
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ScoopFree Premium Crystal Litter 2-Pack

  • Compatible with any traditional litter box and the ScoopFree Reusable Litter Tray

  • Includes two pre-portioned bags of premium PetSafe crystal litter with original scent

  • Absorbs urine and dries solid waste for 5x better odor control than clumping clay litters

  • Premium PetSafe crystal litter is low-tracking and 99% dust-free

Style:Original Scent

The ScoopFree premium Blue crystal litter 2-Pack comes with two pre-portioned bags of our original scent crystal litter. The crystals absorb moisture on contact to quickly remove odors instead of masking them and can be used with any litter box or as refills for the ScoopFree reusable litter tray. When used with the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning litter box and reusable litter tray, one bag can last up to 30 days in a single-cat household!