Sequence Concrete Outdoor Essentials 56″ Rectangular Fire Pit

propane fire pit table rectangle

Sequence Concrete Outdoor Essentials 56″ Rectangular Fire Pit

The Sequence Concrete Outdoor Essentials 56″ Rectangular Fire Pit is an affordable and convenient way to add a focal point to your patio or backyard. The tempered glass top is durable and looks great on a patio or backyard. The low-profile, concrete gray finish makes the Fire Pit a versatile piece to complement any setting. The table requires a 50,000-BTU propane tank, which is included. It has a rain cover that protects your outdoor furniture from falling debris.

This rectangular fire pit is ideal for small patios. The table measures 56″ L x 28″ W x 13″ H. The inner bowl measures 36″W x 10″D. It holds up to 20 lbs of propane. This makes it a versatile piece for any outdoor living area. Guests can sit on either side of the outer bowl, which can double as a side table. This product is made of durable, weather-resistant plastic.

The SUNBURY 50,000-BTU frosted concrete fire pit is made of sturdy steel and a tempered glass top. This product features three adjustable flame settings and a durable tempered glass lid. This pit can be used inside or outside. The SUNBURY 50,000-Btu fire pit is ideal for any outdoor space. The table comes with a rain cover. A cover allows you to keep the flame as low as possible. The SUNBURY 50,000- BTU frosted concrete propane fire pit is a stylish addition to any home.

Designed for the patio, this propane fire pit table is a versatile piece of furniture. It is easy to use, with its stainless steel burner. It uses a standard 20-Lb tank and includes a PVC cover. The fire pit tabletop is made from rattan wicker. The sides of the table are covered in a protective layer of dark blue glass beads. The entire tabletop is surrounded by a glass wind guard.

UL-listed products are more expensive than other options, but they are safer and require less maintenance. If you are installing the fire pit, the base must be protected by a protective layer. The table can be placed anywhere. The UL-listed product is made of durable material, which is very important for safety. Aside from its durability, the fire pit is easy to move. Its base can be used as a coffee table when not in use.

Another option for an outdoor propane fire pit is the OGC portable fire pit. These are great because they use a standard 20-pound propane tank and can give off a realistic glow. Aside from looking great, the OGC Fire Pit is also easy to clean and maintain. There are no messy fumes. The OGC Portable Fire Pit can be stacked on top of a portable propane tank. The only part that can catch smoke is the lid.

A rectangular fire pit complements modern styles well. Its rectangular shape can be incorporated with striking materials to create a centerpiece in a room or outdoor patio. A longmont 35’s portable propane fire pit offers a cast aluminum lid and an attractive antique bronze finish. If you prefer a round model, the oval-shaped Fire Pit is a great choice, as it is able to be used in any setting.

If you want to place your propane fire pit in a modern patio, the Uptown-K Crystal Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table can be easily placed anywhere. The Uptown-K Crystal Concrete Fire Pit can be placed wherever you want it. Its modern design fits in well with a contemporary setting. You’ll love the sparkling, classy look of the Uptown-K. Its safety features make it a great choice for your patio or backyard.

A lava rock tabletop is an attractive addition to your patio. It can add to the look of your outdoor space. The faux stone fire pit is easy to maintain and is lightweight. The burner’s ring is easily removed for cleaning, and the tabletop looks natural. A wood-burning fire pit is another option. It is a decorative and functional item. You can add a beautiful propane table to your patio or backyard.

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