SF Handmade Chinese “LONGQUAN” Sword Carbon Steel Blade with Wooden Holder/Stand 4 Colors

SF Handmade Chinese “LONGQUAN” Sword Carbon Steel Blade with Wooden Holder/Stand 4 Colors
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SF Handmade Chinese "LONGQUAN" Sword Carbon Steel Blade with Wooden Holder/Stand 4 Colors (Golden, Not Edged)


  • to make sure this fits.

  • 100% Hand Forged by Traditional Ancient Method like Fold Forging, Permeating, Quenching

  • The Blade is made of High Quality Carbon Steel. The Guard is Made of Copper Alloy with a Fine and Exquisite Engraving. Handle and Sheath is made of High Quality Wood

  • Made by Factory in LongQuan, who has many years History of Manufacturing Sword.

  • Overall Length: 42.7 Inches, Blade Length: 29.9 Inches, Blade Width: 1.5 Inches, Handle Length: 10.6Inches, Net Weight: 3 LB

  • Shipping with: Free silk sword bag, a Wooden Sword Stand, a Sword Box, Maintenance Oil, a Brush


Item Weight: 3 LB
Overall Length: 42.7 Inches
Blade Length: 29.9 Inches
Blade Width: 1.5 Inches
Handle Length: 10.6Inches
Blade Material: High Quality Carbon Steel
Handle and Sheath: High Quality Wood
Sharpness: Has been Edged. Please Don’t do ILLEGAL things with this sword.

History of Longquan Sword:

Longquan sword forging technology has more than 2500 years of history.
During the spring and Autumn period, the sword master
Ou Yezi using rich natural conditions cast three peerless swords
named “Longyuan” “Tai E,” “Gongbu” for the king,Pioneered the
Chinese steel weapons.
As time goes on, with the spring water of Longquan, the sword
accumulated more rich cultural connotations.


Since all the dimensions are hand-measured, there will be some errors.
Also, due to variation between computer monitor resolution and lights,
the color will vary slightly, please understand.

The Birth of A Sword:

1 Plotting
2 Preliminary Forging:
Melt the iron sand and make into different sizes of iron.
Fire burns out repeatedly beat, changing the inherent characteristics of pig iron because they have different hardness.
3 Fold Forging:
Crosscut at where you need with a broadsword and then continue forging while folding it up.
4 Agglutinating:
Put one soft steel into the middle of two folded steels.
When the temperature achieves 1300℃,they will stay together as one, which makes the final sword perfect.
5 Permeating
6 Lengthening & Shaping:
7 Handling:
Cut and polish by using special tools
8 Quenching:
Forge the embryonic sword with 750℃—760℃ fire and instant cooling it with 26℃ water.
9 Reforging:
10 Re-polishing:
11 Compacting:
Fastening the sword with steel ruler and polish it onto a special stone.
12 Engraving:


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