Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu Massage Chair

A Shiatsu Massage Chair Can Relieve Joint Pain

A shiatsu massage chair is essentially an upright massage chair similar in design to a massage table and is made to generate a feeling of well-being and balance through applying constant pressure and strong force to your body. It can be used on the same level as a massage therapist but is controlled by the user instead. Massage chairs have revolutionized the way we get a relaxing massage today and are ideal for use by adults and children alike. But as with any other products and services, you need to know what to look for before you purchase a chair to ensure that you get the most benefits at the best value for money.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a shiatsu massage chair is the airbags. These airbags inflate when you apply pressure to any part of the chair – the shiatsu rolling parts included – and deflate again when the pressure is removed. Each airbag has two compartments: one with a release button and one with an air valve which allows you to either inflate or deflate the bag depending on the state of your posture. There are also some chairs that have three airbags and in these you will want to make sure you can easily access the valves.

Another important feature of your shiatsu full body massage chair is the roller. This is what allows the user to achieve the best massage. The roller consists of a flexible band and a flexible sleeve which fit around the back and seat of the chair. The band fits round the curves of your back and gently applies pressure downwards and forwards to help massage your back in the best possible way. Each roller usually has three positions: low, medium and high-speed mode. In high-speed mode the roller moves faster and greater amounts of pressure are applied so it is best used when massaging large areas of your back or neck.

Two more important features of your shiatsu massage chair are heat and moisture. Heat is a variable which controls how warm your shiatsu massage chair becomes during a session. The chair may have up to five heat settings which can be adjusted depending on your needs and comfort. Each heat setting controls a different sensation and a separate set of controls for each area of your body. The warmth may be adjusted using a remote control.

These are some of the models to look for:

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Moisture is also a variable in your shiatsu massage chair. It controls the amount of friction that is applied to muscles so you can choose a setting that is perfect for your particular need. With a lower setting your shiatsu massage chair works with finger pressure to relax sore and tense muscles while a higher setting will work with the firm and direct finger pressure to help relieve stress and tension. A good shiatsu massage chair will have these options so you can find the perfect setting for your needs.

Another feature of your shiatsu massage chair is the use of vibration. Vibration can help to relieve aches and pains of various types. By providing constant and targeted vibration to a specific area of the body it helps to relax tight muscle groups. Vibration can also reduce the effects of stress and relieve tension. If you are unsure what kind of setting to have your shiatsu massage chair set to, try a trial session on a part of your body to get a feel for what works best for you.

Foot massage is another service in which many shiatsu massage chairs offer. Many models have unique features which allow them to knead and massage the soles of your feet. This helps to relieve pain and prevent conditions such as calluses from forming on your feet.

The shiatsu massage chair recline settings are usually adjusted using levers or buttons located on the remote control. These settings can be used to change the angle of the recline. You can adjust the recline in degrees upward or downward. Many models will provide an option to let gravity assist in the reclining process. This allows the chair to gradually return back to its original upright position.


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