Small Kitchen Appliance Recycling Near Me

small kitchen appliance recycling near me

If you are looking to dispose of your old appliances, you have many options. You can drop them off at Salvage yards or a Public Drop Off Depot. Another option is to mail them back to the manufacturer. You can find a recycling company in your area by searching online. You can also contact the manufacturer and have them pick up your old appliances.


If you have small appliances that are no longer in use, you can recycle them at Goodwill. Most of the smaller kitchen appliances are made of steel or metal, which makes them easy to recycle and keep out of landfills. Make sure that you unplug your appliances for a few days before you take them to the recycling center. Also, if the appliance is heavy, make sure you tie the power cord to avoid tangling it up as you carry it.

Some items that Goodwill does not accept include aerosols, baby gear, household chemicals, gasoline, or automotive parts. Some of these items contain flammable materials that cannot be disposed of in landfills. Additionally, if the appliance is not in good condition, it may contain hazardous materials such as freon.

Other small kitchen appliances can be donated to Goodwill. They also accept lamps, dishes, utensils, and other items. You can find a great lamp or knick-knack at a thrift store, and lamps can be a great start to updating a space. Some people also go thrifting to find gifts, trinkets, and other items to add to their home.

Public Drop Off Depot

If you’re looking for small kitchen appliance recycling near me, the Public Drop Off Depot in Windsor, Ontario accepts small kitchen appliances. The Public Drop Off Depot does not require ID or location. The facility accepts items made of steel only. If you’re not sure if your appliance is recyclable, check the website to learn what types of appliances they accept.

Some public drop off depots take a range of small kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. Many are also happy to accept garbage compactors, trash compactors, mini fridges, and overhead vents from ranges. Some companies even offer home pickup, and they will come to your house with the proper vehicle and workers to handle the job. This is ideal for apartments or condos.

If you don’t want to drive to a Public Drop Off Depot, you can also take your appliances to a Goodwill store. There are several locations in the metro area that accept small appliances. Goodwill stores are also participating in the Electronics Recovery Program. However, Goodwill would rather accept items that can be resold.

Salvage yards

You don’t have to throw away your old kitchen appliances, but there are ways to recycle them. Scrap metal and used appliance dealers will purchase your old appliances and turn them into scrap metal or used appliance parts. This will enable you to get cash for your appliances and help people in need. You can also donate your old appliances to a charity.

Most areas have local scrap dealers who can accept appliances, but it is better if you don’t leave them in the open for free. This is because rain can ruin usable appliances, and the Streets Division may pick them up before they’re even needed. Alternatively, you can take your appliances to appliance dealers, but they may charge you for disposal.

Small appliances can be left intact and earn a small profit. However, larger appliances can yield more metal and a higher profit. You can also consider separating the metals. This method requires a bit more effort and time, but you can easily double your income. Older appliances, for example, tend to have a lot more copper, which makes them more valuable.

Mailing old appliances back to manufacturers

Before mailing old kitchen appliances back to manufacturers, consumers should make sure they know which model number to look for. Many manufacturers provide manuals for their appliances online, which consumers can use to read the instructions. In addition, consumers should search for a local manufacturer’s warranty and Yelp reviews to ensure they are dealing with a reputable company.

Many small appliances are made to last for years and are easily recyclable. Most of them are made of steel or metal, which means that they shouldn’t end up in landfills. To ensure that your old appliance gets recycled properly, unplug it first and let it cool down before removing the cord. Also, it’s a good idea to tie the power cord to the appliance, as it can be quite heavy.

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