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Smart Watch Waterproof Passometer Anti Lost by AutumN Home Automation (C)
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Smart Watch Waterproof Passometer Anti Lost by AutumN Home Automation (C)

  • Function: show time,change the page by shaking hand,heart rate monitor,BT call,Pedometer、Remote Taking Photos,Anti-lost ,Sleep monitoring ,Sedentary Remind ,Calendar, Calculator Stopwatch,SIRI Voice,Alarm,Remote Notification ,power saving,BT music

  • Size: 45.5mm*45.1mm*12.1mm

  • Size of Package gift box :72.5*27.2*30.4MM

  • Cartoon: 380*290*370mm;50pcs/Cartoon; 12kg/Cartoon

  • Bluetooth: BT 3.0+4.0

ome automation day
Buzzing … With the vibration of the smart watch, the bedside smart light slowly brightens, sit up and turn off the watch vibration, as a new day began.
Looked slowly turning red lights, I know it rains today, go out before the windows are closed. After two clicks on the dial, the kitchen soymilk and bread machine began to work happily. Wash finished, a cup of fragrant soy milk and two toasted golden toast is ready.
The living room has been adjusted to a comfortable temperature refer to the weather, accompanied by music I happily finished breakfast. This is the 64th day of my smart home life, another day the beginning of a good life.
When the new home is ready for renovation, I am determined to make it more smart. I am an Internet practitioners, I want science and technology to change my life. Honestly, I am just “lazy” going down.
At 8 o’clock, it was time to go to work and the music stopped at 1 minute and 21 seconds of “The Ludlows.” When I came to the garage to start the car, the smart watch synchronized my earlier playlist to the driving computer and “The Ludlows” started playing from 1 minute and 21 seconds. Ah, the effect of car audio is still a lot worse than at home, maybe I should change.
Hanging file, kicked the accelerator out of the library, after leaving the cell watch vibration for a moment, raised his hand to see a familiar icon. I know, air-conditioning at home, lighting has been closed, hey,do not worry.
Today’s road condition is very good, all the way to the company unblocked. In particular, the company garage door, even during peak hours not be blocked.
This all thanks to the modified access control system, and the smart watch after binding to identify high efficiency, or today for WRX STi to open and forget to take the parking card and spend a lot of time.

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