Subcold Pink Mini Fridge

pink mini fridge

A subcold pink mini fridge is the latest addition to the brand’s range of 4 litre fridges. The pink model is thermoelectric driven and can act as a mini cooler and a mini warmer, ranging from 45-65degC. The fridge itself is 4 litres and has a removable shelf to hold six standard-sized cans. The interior of the fridge is designed to make it easy to keep drinks cool, and the removable shelf can be removed when not in use.

Subcold’s Pink Mini Fridge

Featuring thermoelectric properties, the Subcold Ultra 6 litre pink mini fridge can serve as a warming appliance and a cooling device, depending on the temperature inside. It can cool down to 18degC below the ambient temperature and warm up to 45-65degC, making it a versatile appliance that works well in many different environments. Whether you’re preparing a meal or need to store skincare products, the Subcold pink mini fridge will be a great help.

The compact dimensions of the Subcold Classic Pink Mini Fridge make it ideal for home use and are also highly portable. It features multiple power options and uses UK mains power to operate. It can also function as a power bank and can be connected to the USB port of your car for charging purposes. In addition to its cooling and warming functions, the Subcold Pink Mini Fridge also features a powerful advanced high-grade brushless fan motor. This model is the ideal size for the bedroom, study room, or even your office desk.

In addition to cooling beverages, the pink Mini Fridge by Subcold can also store a variety of snacks and drinks. Soft drinks, fresh milk, and white wine or champagne taste better when chilled, and the pink Mini Fridge is perfect for keeping all of these items fresh and in their proper temperatures. Even the smallest Mini Fridge will keep several 330ml cans cold, so you won’t have to buy an extra fridge to store your favorite beverages.

Frigidaire’s Retro Portable Mini Beverage Refrigerator

This 4-liter Micro Fridge can cool six 12 oz. soda cans and has a removable shelf. It can be plugged into a 12 V outlet in your home or car, and features thermoelectric cooling technology. It’s also easy to transport, and features a retro design that looks like a vintage soda machine. And because it uses thermoelectric technology, it will keep soda at a perfect temperature.

This retro-style portable beverage fridge is perfect for any day-to-day needs. It features a retro-style design and a viewing window so you can see the contents. Its size makes it easy to store snacks in it, and it is small enough to fit on a desk or bookshelf. It has enough capacity to hold six cans of soda or other drinks, and is easy to use.

Subcold’s Classic Mini Fridge

If you’re on the lookout for a mini fridge, you’ll want to check out the Subcold Classic Pink Mini Refrigerator. This compact four litre mini fridge has thermoelectric cooling and warming capabilities. This makes it the perfect mini fridge for bedrooms, study rooms, or even office desks. You can even use it as a power bank! These fridges are quiet and are ideal for any room or office.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to mini refrigerators. There’s the Astroai 2-in-1 mini fridge with cooling, the Qubi cosmetics mini fridge, and the Subcold Ultra 6 pink. All of these fridges are small but efficient. Some are more expensive than others. They are designed to save space and be durable. Regardless of your personal tastes, you’re sure to find a model that suits your needs.

This model is suitable for bedrooms, study rooms, and offices. It features a low-noise system with a fan motor that’s brushless. This versatile mini fridge has a power bank and USB port. It’s also suitable for travel. The Classic4 is highly versatile and fits in with any environment. Its dual power options make it easy to connect to your computer, laptop, or even your phone.

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