Sun Joe Lawn Mower Not Charging?

You may have recently seen the advertisement for the Sun Joe Lawn Mower not charging. There are many other brands of electric mowers that can be charged from any electric outlet, including corded and cordless. The reason why this brand does not charge is because they use the same exact technology as the corded and cordless mowers.

sun joe lawn mower not charging

How does the Sun Joe charge? Well, the battery is plugged into an outlet and there is a power cord that attaches to the battery. Then the mower is plugged into the charger and it begins charging. This takes only a few seconds and then you can plug the battery back in.

So, if your lawn mower does not charge and never charges, why does it take so long to charge? The answer is simple. The battery is just sitting there collecting dust and gunk. Every time you start the electric engine, the battery is taken out of its recuperation state and must go through another process before it is ready to be recharged.

If you charge your battery over again, it will eventually wear down. The battery is not designed to be recharged so often. It was designed to give you enough power to operate your electric lawnmower for a short time. It was not designed to be used continuously.

If you want your lawn mower to charge quickly, you need to give it more juice. You do not want to drain the battery will be permanently discharged. You also do not want to over charge it. Overcharging the battery is not good for it either.

So how can you charge your electric lawn mower? The best way is to let it charge on its own for a period of time. This will allow your battery to have some time to recover. Overcharging will damage both the battery and the electrical motor. When you let it charge, you are protecting both parts.

Your lawn mower should not be charged when it is not in use. Let it charge for a few days before recharging it. This gives it a chance to come to a complete stop. If it is being used, leave the electric motor off and let it charge. Your battery needs time to charge and will only charge if it is around 90 percent full. If the battery is charging too fast, it may not finish charging and could result in an electrical fire.

Why does the Sun Joe lawn mower not charge? It happens because it has no battery. This type of electric lawn mower does not have a source of power or electricity to store its charging information. How does one charge their batteries then? There are battery chargers that connect directly to your batteries so they can charge to full as needed.

The only problem with this type of charging is that it can be very expensive. You would need to pay about $200 for one of these. A better option would be to purchase an universal battery charger that connects to most any electric source. It charges the battery and transfers the charging into the battery’s inverter. Then the battery is ready for another charging session.

The cost of purchasing a battery charger to use with your lawn mower is much less than it would cost to replace your entire battery. Also, it is much easier to find a compatible charger for your electric equipment. Most suppliers have compatibility lists for most popular brands. It is very rare for suppliers to refuse a warranty on a battery or charge a warranty on a battery. If your battery is defective or damaged, most manufactures will replace it. Do not let a battery become ruined due to a faulty battery.

The main reason that your battery is not charging properly is that you are attempting to charge it too much. When you charge a battery it is typically recommended to maintain the battery within about 50% of its capacity. In order to charge properly you should maintain the charging on a daily basis. You should also make sure that the alternator is in proper working condition. Make sure that all components such as the battery charger, alternator, wires, and other electrical components are in good working order.

Another way to tell if your battery is not charging is to use a flashlight. If the battery light comes on, this indicates that the charging has not been completed successfully. It is important that you charge your lawn mower to full capacity to ensure that the mower works when you need it to. This will help you save money on buying new batteries in the future.

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