Sun Joe SDJ616

Sun Joe SDJ616

Sun Joe SDJ616 Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder 13-Amp 16:1 Reduction Ratio, 8,000-RPM, Mulch up to 55-Gallons per Minute, Adjustable Control Dial, Green

Get shredded! Get shredded with the Sun Joe SDJ616 15-amp cordless leaf mulcher/sc shredder instantly transforms the heavy tons of dead leaves lying in your lawn into nutrient-packed mulch which is easily discarded or used as compost. Not only does Shredder Joe cut your lawn waste up to nearly a quarter of its original volume, but it also produces an ideal organic fertilizer which can then be reused and recycled to rejuvenate your entire garden. Plus, with this handy tool, you can easily clean up any over-stuffed messes so you can prevent the accumulation of mulch mold and mildew.

Sun Joe SDJ616

With the compact, cordless design of the Sun Joe SDJ617 electric shredder mulcher, you can conveniently dispose of those old dead leaves anytime. For people who are often on the go, this product can help you enjoy your garden even more. Let this handy tool does all the work. Just insert the fiberglass blade into the ground, and the shredding starts right away. Utilizing the compact design and powerful motor, the Sun Joe Sdjiciency quickly shreds the tough, dry leaves and twigs off your lawn.

The compact, rechargeable battery is capable of holding more than six pounds of material and will easily last for three to six hours. Using this powerful tool, you can conveniently shred up to three pounds of dead leaves, twigs, and pine cones-all while protecting your lawn from the elements. The powerful, 12-inch cutting diameter blades on the sun joe s dj616 make it a worthwhile purchase for anybody who wants to protect their yard waste. The heavy-duty bag is also useful for larger jobs; you can use it to store excess bags for winter or summer maintenance projects.

The compact, rechargeable, battery-operated leaf eater shredder mulcher on the market today is the result of years of research. It is more efficient than ever, thanks to its powerful motor and cutting width. You can easily handle large quantities of leaves and twigs, no matter what time of year it is.

If you have a large yard and need to protect it from getting damaged by the snow and ice, consider investing in a powerful, battery-operated, electric leaf eater shredder mulcher. This machine can easily shred up to four inches of dense debris in a single sweep. There is no need to worry about whether the blade is worn down or not, because this particular model comes with a replaceable blade. There are also zero-filling cutting decks so you do not have to worry about getting clogged with grass or tree parts. This product offers the same high quality as its larger brother the s Dj616, including heavy-duty stainless steel blades that come with an automatic lifter that allows the blade to keep the same pace throughout the cut.

The innovative, easy portability of the s Dj616 makes it a wonderful product to take along on all those long days out camping or hiking in the wilderness. With the powerful, lithium ion battery, you can enjoy hours of fun and uninterrupted time spent outdoors. The lightweight, foldable, electric, and foldable design makes it a perfect tool to take anywhere. The smart shred technology keeps the blades clean and free from debris during use, which allows you to get more overall usage out of each hour of use.

One of the biggest questions we get from consumers is what does the battery let you know that will make it necessary to purchase a new one? Well, the answer to that question is simple – the constant battery charging gives you no warning when your battery just won’t stay charged. The warranty is also very short and to the point, even though it doesn’t cover damage done to the machine itself from improper disposal. This is a very important feature for any machine with a lithium ion battery and one that we don’t find enough reviews talking about.

One feature that we don’t often see talked about is the smart shred technology. You simply attach the compact sleeve over your cordless tool and you can forget about cords. With the s Dj 1616, you can easily wrap it around your handle and carry it anywhere. This is the best way to go about getting the most out of this machine without having to deal with all the extra weight. With the built in GPS and easy portability, you’ll find no reason not to own a Sun Joe SDJ616.


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