Sun Joe Surface Cleaner Review

Sun Joe is a high quality and affordable home improvement product available at Home Depot. This unique combination of carpet deodorizers and cleaners is designed to remove dirt, grease, and odor-causing particles from any type of surface. Unlike typical carpet cleaning products, Sun Joe can be used on any type of surface, including wood, tile, hardwood, and carpet. If you are tired of using the same old carpet cleaners and are ready to do something different for your home’s carpeting, consider this home improvement product from Home Depot.

sun joe surface cleaner home depot

Sun Joe is a unique combination of carpet deodorizers and floor cleaners. It contains no bleach, ammonia or other chemicals that can potentially damage or discolor your carpet or rug. It is free from ammonia which can leave a shiny residue on your carpet. Instead it is made with baking soda, an ingredient found in most carpet deodorizers.

What makes Sun Joe a great choice for both carpet cleaning and floor care is that it contains no bleach or ammonia which means it will not damage or discolor your carpets. However, it does contain baking soda which is the ingredient that makes the product smell like a baked cake. This product also gives your carpet and rugs a nice sheen while removing stains.

There are many advantages of using this product. The biggest one is that it contains no VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds. By eliminating VOC’s you are protecting your family and pets from respiratory and skin irritations caused by VOC’s. Another advantage is that it is dishwasher and carpet friendly, which means that it is safe to use around your children, family, and pets. You will save time and money because you won’t have to buy any additional cleaners for your floor. Finally, you can purchase this home improvement product without putting off a major home renovation due to costly remodeling.

This product comes in two versions, a basic hand held surface cleaner and a steam cleaner. The handheld version works just like the regular versions but only allows you to get your floors really clean. The steam version will allow you to clean all of your hard floors at once which is great if you have a whole house full of carpeting. The only real downside to the steam cleaner is that it can be a bit messy depending on how much carpeting you have in your home. If you have a very dirty room with lots of carpet you may want to invest in a handheld unit as opposed to a larger one that is best used in larger areas of your house.

To shop for this product at your local Home Depot take a look at their large selection of janitorial supplies including the popular Sun Joe surface cleaner. Make sure you read all of the reviews left by previous Home Depots shoppers when shopping because you never know what they might say. Most people will be more than happy to provide you with their positive experiences with Home Depot when they post them online.

Another great way to shop for Sun Joe surface cleaner is to take a look at the janitorial supplies section in the store. Again, most people will be more than happy to help you choose the right cleaning solution for your home or office. They will usually be able to recommend some products you may not have even heard of before. You can always ask your friends and family members for advice on things as well. There are bound to be some people that have had success using the product and it won’t be long until you find out for yourself if it is working for you.

Overall, this is a great product to use if you are looking for a simple yet effective way to get your floors looking great. It is fairly inexpensive so you don’t have to worry about draining your wallet. This is something that you should definitely consider if you want your floors looking great. Most people find that they don’t actually use it once they have bought it. It is fast, easy, and effective and it also leaves a shine on your floor that lasts a long time.

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