SunBlaster 26 Watt CFL Grow Lamp 4 pack
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SunBlaster 26 Watt CFL Grow Lamp 4 pack


  • to make sure this fits.

  • 4 Pack Value Pack

  • Twice as much lumens as the 13 Watt bulbs @ ~1,700 lumens

  • Rate life – 10,000 hours / bulb

  • Easy to use, the 26 Watt lamps simply screw into any standard size light socket

  • Use these affordable lamps anywhere you need to replicate the sun’s natural light

Size:26 Watt

State-of-the-art electronic, compact fluorescent bulbs are the smallest sized full-spectrum, energy saving lights available. These 26 watt compact fluorescent bulbs fit into a variety of light fixtures such as table lamps, wall sconces and track lights. Full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs 6400° Kelvin, provide natural color comparable to sunlight, increases visual activity and reduces eye fatigue. These bulbs are excellent for indoor greenhouse applications, where the sun’s natural light is not available.

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Size:26 Watt

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October 5, 2017

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

I started using two of them immediately. My plants responded within days. I put them up to supplement the limited natural light I have in my apartment. I’m a houseplant fanatic so I needed help to support my habit. A week or so later I bought a pendant fixture to add a third one close by. That bulb sparked, let off a little smoke, and made a popping sound. I immediately checked it in another fixture and it was dead. I checked the fourth one right after and it works fine and has been in use since with no issues. I contacted Amazon to let them know. They were very apologetic and credited me for the bad bulb and told me to dispose of it rather than having to return it. One out of 4 bad, not great. The function of the three that do work, great. Amazon customer service, great. I will be purchasing more of these in the future. My plants love them and I love Amazon’s customer service.

review imagereview image
May 19, 2014

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

Using them in the kitchen for some plants that don’t get much sun and I really like the “daylight” effect they have. My husband says they are a little too bright and he keeps thinking the aliens are coming from Close Encounters. I don’t care what he thinks. : )

January 4, 2018

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

I purchased these bulbs because I was looking for grow lights for my plants this winter and the seller said that these would handle my need for multi spectrum lighting. Whether it is multi spectrum or not, my plants are all responding to these bulbs in a positive way. They have perked up some and some even show new growth which is more than I could ask for in the winter. These bulbs screw into and fit a typical light fixture. I have 2 in one living room lamp and one each in another. They light isn’t soft white light but its not offensive to the eye either. I think they are working, doing what they said they would and for a fair price too. All four of my bulbs have been working 12 hours a day for almost 2 months now, so far no problems. The bulb doesn’t get hot either. Well, that’s about it, I RECOMMEND.

February 21, 2015

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

I have used Sun Blaster grow lights in the past and would rate them a 5 star. So; I ordered 10 more to build an indoor growing center. It seems that the company that sells the Sun Blaster brand decided to send me another brand in their place; called Longstar; built in China. For the first 3 days, I have only been using 2 bulbs, while I get the growing center built. Each day when the bulbs are turned on by the timer; one will be burned out. In 2 days use at 16 hours; I have lost both of the origional bulbs. 16 hours is a little short of 7 years life span. At the price I paid for the bulbs; I am a little bit disturbed; so I read on the bulb box; and it said ( not to be used with a timer ). Why would an indoor grow light be made that can’t be turned off and later back on ? I am happy with the Sun Blaster and I am unhappy with the Longstar. I did not order the Longstar ! I would give the selling company a 0 if I could.

March 4, 2014

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

These work – we tested out our plant. One leaf was laying on the side of the pot. We use these in our kitchen at night and had them on for about 2-3 hours per day, and after one week the plant’s leaf lifted off the pot and into the air.

Very pleased with these. They are worth the money. It should be noted that they are the daylight bright white lights, but we don’t mind.

August 2, 2017

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

When the product works, its great. My plants did well under these lights. The problem is after about a month they start to flicker and then within a couple of more weeks they die. I tried two different packages and had the same results both times. What a shame.

December 7, 2016

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

I’ve used other types of plant lights which all worked just fine. But these “Sun Blaster” plant lights seem to be a bit better. They produce very little heat and are very bright. Within only a couple of hours of use, the plants under the light were “reaching” for it, with stems and leaves all pointing toward the light. This is also true for one cactus I have which grew a long thin flimsy extension on top (shaped like a drinking straw cut in half), the extension also leaned in the direction of the light after several hours.

I’ve only used the lights for a couple days so far, so I cannot comment on how long they last or how well they work in the long term. But one added bonus is that in one room in my home which gets almost no sunlight, the room feels brightened as if I were outside. The light color is brilliant bright white with a hint of blue (not yellow like the sun), much like lights in an office setting. I’ve had no issues so far, no crackling noises, no malfunctions. Just bright light that the plants and I seem to enjoy.

I will write an addendum to this review only if I find issues with these lights; otherwise readers can assume my experience with these lights has been a positive one.

January 30, 2018

Size: 13 Watt|Verified Purchase

It’s been a couple weeks and my plants are definitely happier! New growth on a few of them. I’ll have to wait to see if they help my flowering plants produce flowers again. I just put them in regular lamps near my plants and voila!