Sweeping Robot,Yannuo Ultra-Thin Home Automation Automatic Planning Machine Mopping Robot.
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Sweeping Robot,Yannuo Ultra-Thin Home Automation Automatic Planning Machine Mopping Robot.


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  • ●INTELLIGENT SENSOR ANTI-COLLISION: Upgrade 16 sensors, responsible for sensitive perception of the surrounding environment,Prevent drop and impact, walk regularly, high efficiency, do not run around.

  • ●SLIM TO BRING THE CONVENIENCE: We break the traditional sweeping machine body bondage. Ultra-thin body plus anti-winding vacuum suction, intelligent positioning direction, custom routes, cleaning robot at home to come and go freely.

  • ●INTELLIGENT PATH PLANNING: Turn on the sweeping robot, you will find that its path is smooth, not running low repeats. Whether in the floor or floor tiles, sweeping robot can easily navigate a variety of terrain. Clean the same efficient and clean.

  • ●SLIM BUT POWERFUL: Our sweeping robot 5.7cm ultra-thin body, without losing the essential performance of any sweeping machine. Slim body design, performance is still strong. Bed, bottom, sofa at the end of the gathering dust dust mites, sweeping robot can just right clean.

  • ●NEW INTELLECTUAL APP: Support IOS and Android system. New upgrade APP, finger gently, the ground a new look. To achieve remote control, regular scheduled cleaning, cleaning mode switch, automatic return charge. High-precision sensors to obtain real-time data, the smart chip using advanced algorithms to process data quickly respond.

No need hands-on, time-saving, giving you a clean space.
Love clean, more love quiet, noise reduction in all aspects of processing you still a quiet.

LCD: None
No Virtual Wall: None
Dust box capacity: 0.32L
Cleaning route: Planning
The highest height: 5.7cm
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Applicable area: All available
Charging type: Automatic charging
Additional features: Mobile remote control
Is there a scheduled appointment function: Yes
Collision protection: Mechanical + electronic double protection

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