Target Offers a Whirlpool 4.3 Mini Fridge

target whirlpool 43 mini fridge

When it comes to choosing a mini fridge, Target has a number of options. These include Whirlpool mini fridges, which are ideal for small apartments. They feature a small drawer for produce and shelving for other necessities. Unlike regular refrigerators, they need manual defrosting.


This mini fridge is an excellent purchase for people who like to cook and bake. Its lightweight frame and reversible door allow you to store a variety of items inside. In addition, this unit is energy efficient. Its features make it a good choice for small apartments or a home entertainment room.

This refrigerator features a 4.3-cu.-ft. capacity and an interior light. It also has a door alarm that sounds when the door is left open for more than two hours. In addition, it also features an over-temperature alarm, which alerts you if the unit exceeds 45 degrees Fahrenheit for more than four hours. This feature allows you to easily troubleshoot if you have problems with the temperature. It also comes with an ENERGY STAR certification, meaning that it’s a quality unit.


The Whirlpool 4.3 Mini Fridge is available for a good price at BJ’s Wholesale Club. This refrigerator was originally priced at $169, but BJ’s is selling it for $119. This refrigerator can hold two-liter bottles and freeze items. Its reversible doors and compact frame make it ideal for small spaces, dorm rooms, and home entertainment areas.


If you’re looking for a small refrigerator that will save you space in your kitchen, the Whirlpool 4.3 mini fridge is a great choice. It is a stainless steel refrigerator with 4.3 cubic feet of storage space. It has a variety of useful features, including a section on the door for two-liter bottles and a top drawer for butter.

It’s an energy-efficient mini refrigerator that is perfect for tiny apartments, dorm rooms, and other small spaces. It has a separate freezer compartment and is also perfect for small kitchens and wet bars.

Buying guide

Target is currently offering back-to-school specials on home appliances, including mini fridges. You can find deals of up to 27 percent off, or $50 off, depending on the model. These deals are available while supplies last, and will save you a bundle over the course of a year.

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