The Best Mini Fridge For Your Outdoor Kitchen

best mini fridge for outdoor kitchen

Whether you are building an outdoor kitchen in a camping trailer or you are looking to build a patio bar on your property, you will need to consider the best mini fridge for the job. If you are looking for a small, lightweight outdoor refrigerator, you will want to make sure you choose one that is built for durability.

Danby Stainless Steel Outdoor Mini Fridge

Whether you’re in the market for a new refrigerator or are looking to buy a gift for a loved one, the Danby Stainless Steel Outdoor Mini Fridge has what you’re looking for. This under counter model boasts a 4.4 cubic foot storage capacity and is built for durability in the outdoors. Its doors feature a stainless steel finish that looks like the real thing and is capable of keeping foods cool in even the harshest of conditions. It even includes a produce drawer and four casters for easy mobility.

The Danby Stainless Steel Outdoor Mini Fridge is not for the faint of heart though, as it is not rated for commercial food service operations. The model is also a great choice for a do it yourself do it right kind of guy or gal.

Bull Outdoor Products’ “Premium” Outdoor Mini Fridge

Whether you’re looking for a freestanding refrigerator, a portable one, or a refrigerator that can be incorporated into a custom built outdoor kitchen, Bull Outdoor Products’ Premium Outdoor Mini Fridge will do the job. With the right combination of features, the Bull Premium Refrigerator Series II is an outdoor refrigerator that’s sure to impress.

The company has been creating some of the most innovative outdoor cooking equipment and consumer products since it opened its doors in 1992. It has since grown to three state-of-the-art facilities across the United States. The company uses engineers at the California Polytechnic Institute to develop cutting-edge cooling technology.

Blaze BLZ-SSRF130 Compact Refrigerator

Whether you’re a chef looking for a compact refrigerator that will work well in your outdoor kitchen or a home cook looking for a convenient way to keep food and beverages chilled, the Blaze BLZ-SSRF130 Compact Refrigerator is the right choice for you. It is designed with a redesigned cooling system to ensure that food and beverages remain cool. It also comes with an interior light and an automatic defrost function to keep your food fresh.

The redesigned cooling system of the Blaze BLZ-SSRF130 compact refrigerator uses fan-forced cooling, which performs much better than cold-plate technology. It also features a clear veggie crisper to keep your produce fresh.

Avallon AFR151SSODRH Outdoor Built-In Refrigerator

Designed for the freestanding outdoor kitchen, the Avallon AFR151SSODRH Outdoor Built-In Refrigerator is a stylish and functional appliance. It features a compressor-based cooling system that distributes cool air throughout the unit.

The unit is constructed from durable stainless steel and encased in a black finish. It features a slim profile design, making it a great choice for freestanding applications.

The unit comes equipped with an auto defrost function for humid environments. This saves you the hassle of defrosting the unit yourself, as well as eliminating the risk of frost buildup. It also features internal LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the refrigerator.


Whether you’re looking for an outdoor refrigerator or a beverage cooler, the EdgeStar brand has you covered. This unit is designed to endure all the elements of the outdoors, and has a professional design to help you enjoy your outdoor kitchen. It has a 5.49 cu. foot storage space and can hold up to 142 standard 12 oz cans. It also comes with an outdoor certified compressor and a power cord.

Another option is the Summit outdoor-rated drawer fridge. This is a convenient appliance that is easy to clean and install. It also has an easy-access drawer on the bottom. The stainless steel finish and scalloped bottom give it a beautiful look. It has a security lock on the door and adjustable glass shelves to help you organize your items.

Twin Eagles Outdoor Refrigerator with Lock

Getting a leg up on the competition is not easy, but the Twin Eagles 24″ Outdoor Refrigerator does its part to keep your favorite marinated meats nice and cool. It is also an aesthetically pleasing piece of outdoor furniture with a well thought out layout and an equally well executed design. The fridge is made of premium grade stainless steel, which makes it a good fit in any outdoor setting. The fridge is also UL certified for outdoor use, so you know it is going to perform up to par with the big boys.

While the Twin Eagles 24″ Outdoor Refrigerator with Lock isn’t quite as fanciful as a castle in the sand, it is nevertheless an impressive feat of engineering. This is a well thought out unit that will stand up to the rigors of a busy family. The fridge also boasts two perforated slide out shelves and a large central compartment, making it a keeper for any outdoor kitchen.

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