The Best Retro Mini Fridges on the Market Today

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Whether you are looking for a retro mini fridge or a new compact refrigerator, there are some great models out there. Check out our reviews of some of the best retro mini fridges on the market today!

Insignia NS-CF44GD3 4.4 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge with Glass Door

Whether you want a cool beverage at the office or in your car, a mini fridge is a great choice. They can help you keep your beverage cold, even on a warm summer day. You can also use a cheap mini fridge to chill your drinks while you are doing outdoor activities.

There are many models available. Some have features such as an adjustable thermostat and reversible door. Some have more storage space than others. There are also different size options. Some are small enough to fit in a garage.

The Insignia NS-CF44GD3 4.4 Cubic Foot Freestanding Bar Refrigerator is a good option if you need something small and roomy. It is designed with slide-out shelves, an invisible handle, and a crisper.

It has a reversible door and a reversible lock. It has an adjustable thermostat, and a built-in freezer. It also has a double pane tempered glass door. It is designed to look good in any room.

Danby Compact Refrigerator

Whether you are looking for a mini fridge to fit under a desk or to keep craft beer cool, Danby has a variety of models that are both attractive and practical. Their mini fridges are Energy Star rated, so you can be sure that they are efficient. They also have plenty of storage space and are available in many different colors.

The Danby mini fridge has a large interior, which means you can fit a lot of items into it. There is a full-width freezer, as well as a beverage dispenser. They also have adjustable shelves for storing more food and drinks. You can customize the interiors to fit your tastes and preferences. There is even room to fit 2-liter soda bottles.

If you are a college student or someone who works in a dorm, the Danby mini fridge is a must-have. They can fit in a student’s dorm room, a garage workshop, or a basement rec room.

Cooluli Vibe-15LE Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge

Keeping cool and warm is no sweat with the oh so stylish Cooluli Vibe-15LE Thermoelectric Mini Fridge. Its sleek and classy design complements any decor and its 15 liter capacity makes it a great home or office cooling solution. The oh so small cooler comes equipped with a molded foldaway top handle and a magnetic dry-erase whiteboard front. Considering the price, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on this little gadget.

The Cooluli Vibe 15LE Thermoelectric Mini Fridge is also one of the most eco-friendly refrigerators on the market today. It boasts an environmentally friendly cooling system that is aided by a smart thermostat that maintains a constant temperature no matter how long you leave it plugged in. The eco-friendly product line is also complemented by a stellar customer service department that’s a step above and beyond.

Insignia NS-CFR45R3 4.5 Cu. Ft. Retro Mini Fridge

Whether you have a retro theme in your home or office, or just like the look of vintage appliances, the Insignia NS-CFR45R3 4.5 Cu. Ft. Retro Mini Fridge is a great choice. It’s compact enough to fit virtually anywhere and includes features that maximize storage space.

This refrigerator features adjustable wire shelves, an ice tray, a door can rack, an eraser board front, and leveling legs. It’s a retro refrigerator that matches any decor. It’s also compact enough to fit on a bathroom counter. It has a glass door with a stainless trim. It’s Energy Star rated.

The door closes securely and has a nice latch. The crisper drawer isn’t humidity controlled, so it’ll not keep greens fresh for more than a week.

This fridge has an ice box that looks good, and the glass doors are easy to clean. It also has two full-extension wine racks. The digital touch pad on the beverage center is simple to use. It has a temperature range of 34-45°F.


Having a Galanz retro style mini fridge in your garage has got to be the coolest way to store your cold beverages. While the fridge isn’t much to look at it is a plethora of cold air to boot. Best of all is the fact that the mini icebox is a breeze to clean. As a bonus it has a built in bottle opener, which ain’t a bad thing for the man in the know. The fridge is also equipped with an energy efficient LED light system.

Having a Galanz retro style mini freezer is like having a high-end refrigerator at a fraction of the cost. The unit also features a glass door to enhance the overall feel. The interior is well-lit, which is an understatement for a mini refrigerator.

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