The Ensis 2 Person Sauna – A Great Investment For Your Home?

ensi 2 person sauna

The Ensis 2 Person Sauna – A Great Investment For Your Home?

The Ensi 2 person sauna kit is a great way to enjoy your sauna. You have all the benefits of an indoor spa, but are indoors and don’t have to worry about dealing with the heat. You can enjoy a full body soak in less than half the time it would take to do the same thing outside.

The sauna comes complete with everything you need to enjoy the benefits of using one of these units. It has the digital control panel, the heating unit, the heating cables, the glass doors and the heating logs. The heating logs also come with the ensi 2 person sauna kit, allowing you to choose the same wood that is used for the rest of the unit. This ensures that all of your supplies and accessories are matched and you can start enjoying your experience immediately.

The heating unit is also fully equipped to handle the use of the controls you will need for your sauna experience. There are two heaters included in the package, a fifteen inch halogen lamp and fourteen inch high intensity LED lights. These provide the user with high intensity heat to burn calories and the relaxation needed to help you rid yourself of aches and pains. The two units come standard in black, white and beige, but can be custom finished to match your decor beautifully.

There is also a built in music player, with two speakers included. This enables you to play your favorite relaxing music while you are relaxing in your sauna. There is a volume rocker control located on the wall behind the chairs that allows you to adjust the volume as you desire. There is also a remote control with a lighted push button that enables you to operate the knobs and lights with your own hands. This is convenient and practical when you want to change the settings without taking your attention off your body.

Adjustable seats in the ensi models enable you to choose the level of recline you need for your personal fit. There is a full body massager available for use when you feel too sore or weak from sitting in one position for too long. There is a foot massager as well, which is perfect for your calves, heels and feet. The calf areas of most models of the ensi are contoured so that the entire body can fit comfortably.

There are many benefits to owning this well made infrared heating system. One of the biggest benefits is that it can be completely customized to meet the needs of everyone’s individual needs. This means that the system can heat up to the temperature of your choice, so that everyone who owns one of these luxurious units can have the opportunity to reap the same great health benefits from their use. There are two other important benefits from the ensi 2 person and the joyous sauna alike.

First, they offer a significantly enhanced detoxification process, because the heat generated will cause the toxins to be released from your body much faster. This will help to get rid of any poisons that might be stored in your digestive system. In addition, because you will be breathing in more fresh oxygen, you will have increased energy levels and improved mental clarity. One of the things that makes these infrared saunas so unique is the fact that the heat generated is so intense that it actually hurts your skin. In fact, many people claim that after only sitting in one of the heaters for a minute, they begin to feel a bit of tingle on their skin. That is certainly an amazing state of being!

The second benefit from owning an ensi 2 person sauna is that it comes with two speakers. This enables you to be able to increase the amount of steam in your bath. While it isn’t possible to add more than two cans of water at a time to the unit, the truth is that this makes it much easier to give yourself a full soak. Not only can you use the increased steam to relax better, but you can also turn it into a mini hot tub by putting some relaxing music on the radio. The technical characteristics of the Ensis 2 person infrared sauna really do set it apart from other types of steam saunas on the market today.

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