The Little Mermaid DVD Movie Platinum Edition (2-Disc Set)

The Little Mermaid DVD Movie Platinum Edition (2-Disc Set)
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The Little Mermaid DVD Movie Platinum Edition (2-Disc Set)

  • The whole color palette is signature Disney and really pops in 1080p. It doesn’t look too digitized though, as Disney will sometimes do. It looks classic. Soft where it should be and very sharp when it should be too. I’ve seen this movie probably 100 times, but I can honestly say that watching it in full HD was like seeing it again for the first time. Without HD, you don’t really how much ART was put into the movie. Some of the backdrops literally took my breath away.

  • OVERALL: Disney lovers, HD fanatics and anybody else – this is a must-have for the collection. HIGHLY recommended!.

  • As for Audio, it is flawless as well. Delicious surround-sound water noises, fabulous orchestral musical numbers, deep thunderous booms for Ursula. It probably won’t show off your system like a super hero movie, but it does sound really, really, really good.


The Little Mermaid launched a new golden age in animation, not just for Disney but for the art form. It changed the way Hollywood thought about movies by crossing the boundary between parents and kids. Everyone loved The Little Mermaid, it tested nearly as well with adults as it did with kids. The first time I watched it, it blew my little 12-year-old mind. I was at that age where I was starting to think myself too old for cartoons. The Little Mermaid sucked me right back to Disney’s breast. 

Based loosely on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, the film tells the story of a teenage mermaid who longs for something different. She obsesses over artifacts from the surface world, dodges her duties at the royal palace, and annoys to no end her father King Triton, ruler of the sea. She falls in love with a human prince, convinces a sea witch to give her legs in exchange for her voice, sparks an inter-ocean war and lives almost perfectly happily ever after. 

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September 26, 2019

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