The New Marshall Fridge

marshall mini fridge

If you’ve been in the market for a new mini fridge, you may want to consider a Marshall Fridge. This new appliance is made with authentic Marshall parts and styling, including power and standby switches and control knobs that go up to 11. There are three knobs for adjusting the temperature and two for adjusting the presence and treble. The Marshall Fridge will retail for $299.

4.4 cubic feet of storage

The Marshall mini fridge has 4.4 cubic feet of storage and is inspired by the legendary Marshall Amp. It features a brass faceplate and authentic Marshall Amp parts. It also has adjustable tempered glass shelves and a reversible door. Its exterior features genuine Marshall logos, fret cloth, and knobs that go up to 11. The interior is spacious, with three main shelves and room for two-liter bottles.

4.4 cubic feet of storage makes it the perfect choice for a bedroom, dorm, or office. It also features adjustable glass shelves and a push-button defrost mode for easy access to your stored food and drinks.

Real amp knobs

You can now get a fridge that looks like a Marshall guitar amp with real amp knobs. The Marshall mini fridge will hit stores in October for $299. It will feature authentic Marshall parts and logos, as well as fret cloth, control knobs that go all the way up to 11, and custom-branded glass shelving.

The Marshall mini fridge looks like a real Marshall amp and features authentic parts, including fret cloth and brass-finished faceplate. It can hold 3.2 cubic feet of food and drinks. It also has room for four 2-liter bottles and five mini cans.

Adjustable temperature

The Adjustable Temperature Marshall mini fridge is a perfect option for families or individuals that want to have their own fridge at home. This refrigerator features an iconic design with black fret cloth and white piping, as well as knobs that go up to 11. The front panel has a white Marshall logo and is finished in a brass finish.

This refrigerator has 4.4 cubic feet of storage space and comes with a 0.4-cubic-foot freezer shelf. Other features include arctic blue interior lighting and a reversible door. The exterior is finished with genuine Marshall logos, fret cloth, and knobs that go up to 11. The unit also comes with a brass-finished faceplate.

Reversible door

The Reversible door on a Marshall mini fridge allows for easy access to the contents of the fridge. This is a helpful feature if you live in an apartment or have limited space in your home. In addition, the refrigerator’s temperature can be controlled from 34 to 48 degrees, making it ideal for parties.

This refrigerator is made with authentic Marshall Amp parts, including fret cloth, faceplate, and knobs. It also comes with custom branded glass shelving.

Limited edition

This limited edition Marshall fridge is designed to look just like a Marshall amp. It features genuine Marshall parts, a fret cloth and a brass-finished faceplate. The fridge is also adorned with Jim Marshall’s signature. There are also custom-branded glass shelves. This is a unique refrigerator, perfect for any music lover.

The Limited Edition Marshall fridge comes in either 3.2 cubic feet or 4.4 cubic feet. Both models have plenty of space for cans and bottles, as well as knobs, buttons, and shelves adorned with the iconic Marshall logo. These refrigerators are a must for any music fan’s home or dorm room.


The Marshall Fridge combines the legendary look of the Marshall Amp with the convenience of a mini refrigerator. It’s the newest must-have item to hit the market. The Marshall Fridge features fine detail, such as the Marshall logo and signature, as well as genuine, woven black fret cloth. There are even control knobs that go up to 11. The Fridge will retail for $299.

The Marshall mini fridge will be available in October for a price of between $299 and $400. The fridge can hold up to 4.4 cubic feet of beer. It also features a freezer. The fridge’s temperature range is adjustable between 34 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also available with a reversible door, which makes it perfect for entertaining.

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