The Unique Infrared Sauna Experience

dynamic 2 person sauna

The Unique Infrared Sauna Experience

For maximum relaxation and the greatest chance of a positive transformation, Dynamic 2 person saunas are essential to the health and well-being of anyone using them. The human body is made up of many delicate parts and many have been shown to be more receptive to healing when these parts are fully energized. Infrared, carbon and Ceramic heat sources used in a sauna can help to increase blood circulation and improve lymphatic flow throughout the body; all of which allow the body to heal itself.

Dynamic 2 person saunas offer 7 Low EMF, Carbon and Ceramic heat panels (combined with a foot pump) which generate a much wider, cooler heat that is more evenly distributed throughout the entire sauna. This allows the user to stay longer in the session, making them feel much more relaxed and less tiring. Low emf levels are essential for protecting your health from electromagnetic fields and radiation. Microwave radiant heat is not filtered or de-energized and is therefore damaging to your health. Ceramic and infrared saunas can be better for you than steam saunas because they have no harmful chemicals or radiation.

The Dynamic 2 person sauna is a unique sauna which provides the user with an experience similar to being under a waterfall. The infrared carbon heating panels operate on wood planks that have been hand carved by expert carpenters. The hand carving process adds both the natural look of a piece of art as well as the rich aroma of burning wood. These hand carved wood planks are then connected to the ceiling joists via stainless steel bolts and have been purposely treated to withstand humidity, rain, and most extreme weather conditions. These wood planks are then connected to the control panels via a high quality molex audio and video control panel with an integrated display that shows user input and feedback in real time.

The two inch thick stainless steel wood planks are connected to the ceiling joists via stainless steel rivets and have been purposely treated to withstand humidity, rain, and most extreme weather conditions. As the infrared light passes through the planks, it heats them up to over 4000 degrees farenometry which far infrared saunas use to produce their health benefits. By using infrared light, the user will benefit from a host of health benefits including relief from muscle spasms, reduced stress, an increase in blood circulation, increased relaxation and healing, and an increase in metabolism. It also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system.

The use of the infrared light source in a sauna allows you to get the health benefits while at the same time enjoying a relaxing sauna experience. The infrared emitters used in these saunas are designed to emit infrared rays that are far infrared light and therefore penetrate deep into the skin. This means that you will not be subjecting your body to the harmful effects of the ultra-violet rays produced by ordinary tanning beds. The result is that you can enjoy a radiant healthy glowing skin while still enjoying the beautiful benefits of an infrared sauna experience.

Other benefits from an infrared sauna include the ability to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stimulate your immune system, increase your energy, lower your stress levels, and improve your overall well being. It is important to note that no electricity is required to operate an infrared sauna. Thus, the entire unit can be completely run off of simple electricity. The most common way to power the sauna is with a 12 volt battery connected to the circuit board inside the unit. However, if you would prefer to avoid the need for electricity, you may also use an alternative type of electrical unit such as the type used in the HVAC units that you commonly find in your home.

Dynamic Infrared Heater: In order to understand how the sauna works, it is important to look at how traditional wood heating systems work. Traditional wood heaters work by generating heat from a source (like fire or oil) and then circulating it through the room via open air ducts. Once the heat has been circulated throughout the room, it is then converted into a usable amount of heat by what is called the blower. The heat is often released into a fan shaped chamber which circulates the warmed air in a stream across the room. The heat is then quickly removed from the air by a fan which reduces the temperature of the air and allows it to be quickly heated up again by the unit’s heat generating element.

The infrared sauna is a radical new design that incorporates a unique three stage sauna heating system. Unlike a traditional wood heater, an infrared sauna does not have to utilize the wood planks that traditional saunas are made out of in order to produce heat. Instead, the infrared emitters use long wave infrared technology which is much more efficient than traditional long wave infrared technology. Long wavelength infrared radiation, like that which your eyes can detect, penetrates deeper than the visible light spectrum which your eyes can see. Because infrared energy has no limitations as to where it can be emitted and absorbed, you can enjoy an infrared sauna experience where the heat is felt literally from outside your front door!

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