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Tichocereus pachanoi (24″ inch cutting)
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Tichocereus pachanoi (24" inch cutting)


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  • Easy Maintenance, Resilient, Grows Fast, Beautiful Flowers, Drought Tolerant


This cutting was carefully removed from the mother cacti at the base, and is currently sitting in soil waiting to develop roots. This cutting may or may not be rooted by the time of your order. Please take full accountability for the development of the resilient specie. This cacti in particular is very easy to root, and care for. Or it can be used for grafting purposes or just stick it in the ground and watch it grow huge within just a few years. Trichocereus pachanoi grows like a tree and reaches sizes of up to 6 meters and in some rare cases, even more. The plant pups from the base and grows columnar, unlike the smaller, clumping species of Echinopsis. Trichocereus pachanoi is a textbook example of a columnar cactus. It is one of the most beautiful cacti that are out there. The skin color can vary greatly and while some of the Ecuadorian San PPedros have a bright green color, there are many glaucous types. Most collection plants lack the spines while the specimens in the habitat usually tend to have more spines. There even are forms which are said to be the wild, spiny form of Trichocereus sachanoi and which was probably brought into cultivation by Karel Knize. I once bought some of those „wild Pachanois“ and they had very long and yellowish spines. Flowers: White, coming out at the upper parts of the Columns. Trichocereus pachanoi is a night flowering and self-sterile species. That means it needs another pollen donor to produce seed. The flowers are very large and attractive, usually around 18–25 cm long and with a diameter of up to 21 centimeters. It produces green fruits that are up to 7 cm long. The flowers produce a very pleasant smell. The sepals have a brownish/reddish color while the petals are white. The stylus has a green base. The tube is covered with gray/black hairs.

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